52 Suburbs in Wellington

52 Suburbs in Wellington
I love these Wellington photos taken by Louise Hawson from 52 Suburbs. Hawson, in 2009/2010, realised that she was a stranger in her own home city of Sydney, Australia so she visited a different suburb each weekend and recorded what she saw for one year (hence '52 suburbs'). This was expanded into 52 Suburbs Around the World for 2012/13, which is how Hawson ended up on our shores. She focused on the suburb of Te Aro, which is just down the hill from my home, and with her great eye, she totally captured it - check out her website here and see if she visited your city.
Shed Some Light: The Octopus Lamp from Markus Johansson
For most of us, a thesis project involved a big, long paper and lots of sleepless nights.  For some, though — for instance, graduates of the College of Design at the University of Gothenburg — it involves the creation of a true work of art, with a bit of electronic function thrown in for kicks.  That’s a perfect explanation of the origins of Markus Johansson’s octopus lamp series, formally named “Cirrata.”  Made of corian, a primary motivator behind the series’ creation was the challenge of going beyond the parameters that most might think the material is limited by.  Barely touching the ground with the tips of their tentacles, so to speak, the forms are incredibly lightwei
Abso-Bloomin’-Lutely: Introducing the Flower Tower
When it comes to lansdscaping a residential space, there are flower displays, and then there are FLOWER DISPLAYS. Surprisingly enough, it seems the latter are attainable even for those of us who don’t exactly have what one might call a ‘green thumb.’ Thanks to a few forward-thinking folks in the UK, the Flower Tower stands tall and proud in almost any outdoor area, quickly and evenly growing gorgeous blooms from all sides in — well, what ends up to be a tower of flowers, just as the name implies. Striking whether displayed on its own as an individual garden stand or in a group to form a wall or outdoor divider of sorts, the concept is as lovely as it is simple. With the rise in popul
Slice Right Through: Octopus Design’s Modern Faucet
Leave it to the Germans to come up with a faucet so sharp, so metallic, so… threatening… that it actually kind of looks knifelike.  That’s precisely the image that comes to mind when we view the Latrava faucet from the Munich-based Octopus Design, many of whose offerings are equally or comparably edgy and ultramodern.  The way this modern faucet delivers water in a sheet rather than a stream may or may not be more useful than its contemporaries in day-to-day settings, but if nothing else, it’s certainly majestic to look at.  With the sort of bold lines and highly-polished gleam any good, self-respecting futuristic fixture should have, the Latrava’s arm extends just beyond a 45-d
Quirky Furniture: The Mixtape Table from Jeff Skierka
Most of us over the age of 30 remember the golden age of cassette tapes back when we were young, from the fun of labeling our own mix tapes to the absolute frustration of trying to capture the perfect song from the local radio station and having the effort mangled by the DJ talking over the lyrics.  Designer Jeff Skierka has recaptured every square inch of that icon of the 80s and scaled them up into square feet — namely, to make what he calls the Mixtape Table.  An exact replica of the classic cassette tape, built at 12 times the size of the original, the table is made of Baltic birch plywood with a maple veneer, walnut “tape” and hand-finished with an oil rub.  Made in Seattle —
Checkerboard Kitchen Floor Design Ideas
The checkerboard pattern is a classical. It’s one of the most popular patterns, just like the stripes. It has been adapted in many different ways but there is one place where you’re always expecting to see it: the kitchen floor. It’s a trend that has never disappeared, not even in modern homes. It’s just been adapted and adjusted but the essence remained the same. A traditional kitchen interior featuring checkerboard flooring The term “checkerboard” is used to refer to any rectangular square-tiled board while the adjective “checkered” refers to the pattern. This pattern can be seen in many locations, including the race flag or national symbols. Still, it remains the pat
Luis Bustamante’s stylish, symmetrical, classical and modern interiors
Each architect, each interior designer or decorator has his own style. Some prefer the vintage touches and their charm, others like to work with clean and modern lines and others like to play with colors. For Luis Bustamante the list of elements that define his work is quite long. The Madrid-based interior designer had an earlier career of sculptor and painter and these details definitely influence his work now. If you take a look at some of the designer’s creations you’ll notice that they all have the same flair, the same elegance and beauty and are defined by the same elements. These interiors are a very beautifully balance between symmetry, classicism, modern and dramatic. The
Exceptional retreat in Cap Ferrat with amazing views over the Mediterranean
Some places seem too beautiful to be true. We’re talking about properties like this one where everything seems to be in perfect balance and where you would like to spend each day for the rest of your life. These are perfect holiday and seasonal retreats and they’re the getaway property lots of people only get to dream about. This exclusive property is located in Cap Ferrat, in the French Riviera in the Côte d’Azur, France. It’s a spectacular villa that offers breathtaking views over the Mediterranean Sea. The luxurious property features a contemporary design and impresses with its simple and stylish décor. Notice that the villa has huge windows and glass walls that were desi
12 Spectacular Cave Structures We’d Like To Live In
Some of the most interesting destinations in the world can be found in unusual places. For example, a hotel or a restaurant built in a cave is definitely something unique. In fact, there are several such projects worldwide and we have put them all together in this article. There are also plenty of other very interesting projects out there so dare to explore and to find out more about them. Most of these structures were built in caves. This makes them unique not just because of the location but also because of the organic designs and the views. For other structures it’s not necessarily about the location but more about the actual design.  Whether it’s one case or the other, they a
Ooh La La: Dipped Chairs from Atelier Charivari
Sometimes, the sweetest finds are also the rarest ones.  Take, for instance, the pair of dipped chairs featured in today’s post.  Painted by the very literally and figuratively Parisian Atelier Charivari, these 50+ year old beech bistro chairs have been given new life with a coat of grey and a hint of pink.  With the addition of small felt pads on the feet, these lovingly restored seats are at once classic — just look at those lines — and modern, what with last year’s explosion of colorblocked popularity on runways from Paris and Milan to New York and L.A.  As it often does, last year’s fashion trends are now making their way into home furnishings and accessories, and while col