This contemporary apartment is located in Moscow, Russia, on the 5th floor of a tall residential building. It occupies a surface of 110 square meters and it also has a large balcony. The apartment gets its unusual name from the interior design that makes it seem like a huge wooden tube. All the rooms are wrapped in wood and the apartment gained a new identity and seems to be actually made of wood.

This beautiful apartment was designed by Peter Kostelov. Because it’s basically wrapped in a continuous wood structure, the apartment seems to be carved in a giant tree or to be a wood cave. But even though the design is unusual and unique, it presented some problems. For example, the middle area that contained the dining room, the living space and the working zone were very dark because they didn’t get any light from the exterior. It’s why the architect decided to replace some of the walls with glass structures. For more privacy they can be blinded but otherwise they provide plenty of natural light.


The apartment is wrapped in oak wood that goes from the ceiling to the floor and the walls. It contains built-in closets, shelves and desks and has a continuous design. The oak planks that form the inner shell of the apartment create a very inviting and cozy atmosphere. Wood is warm and it usually helps create casual and relaxing décor. Of course, it can also be elegant and stylish. In this case the décor is minimalist and modern and the wood complements it perfectly.

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