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House in Tenerife by Corona and P. Amaral Architects The location of the house on the edge of an impressive 300 meters cliff overlooking a black sand beach at Teide volcano and a large area of the northern coast of the island of Tenerife, has been instrumental the proposed architecture. The idea of the house consists of inserting a monolithic piece of concrete and glass on a wooden platform at the edge of the cliff, thus emphasizing the geography of the farm. You enter from the top to a double-height volume that provides a space free with direct view to the Teide. From there, the sea appears as a vertical wall. A Ipe wood deck surrounding a black pool on the edge of the cliff. The sheet of water merges with the sea. Wood and water st
Colorful Southampton residence by Ali Schwarz This is an impressive house both in size and interior design. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a residence in the Hamptons. This is a Southampton residence located in Connecticut. It’s an imposing building with rustic and yet sophisticated façade. The interior is not bad either. Notice how spacious and airy all the rooms are. The dimensions pay an important role in this case but so does the actual interior design. This hosue was designed by Ali Schwarz. As we’ve said before, the interior design is somewhat contrasting. This means it has an overall traditional look but each element has a modern twist. Also, the simplicity of the lines makes everything even more stylish and
Multipurpose pink playroom by Alexandra Lauren Wright When you have kids it’s natural to want to protect them and to know everything they do. However, they need their privacy and a space of their own. That’s why the owner of his house decided to create a sort of playroom, an area for the owner’s three daughters. It’s a space only for them and that they can share however they like. They are 9, 14 and 16 so they all have different needs. This was something to take into consideration when designing this space. The owners decided to transform the lower poolside level into a multipurpose space. They asked designer Alexandra Lauren Wright for help. The designer created different zones in the 1,500-square foot space. This zone is nothin
Three bedroom contemporary residence in Mexico City This beautiful property is a contemporary house located in the Bosques de las Lomas neighborhood, Mexico City. It covers an area of 4,844 square feet. The house is currently on the market for $1,109,930 (14,000,000 Mexican pesos). It has a simple and modern design. The house is a three-storey structure with glass walls and an open floor plan. It has several beautiful architectural details such as the exposed beams, the tempered glass exterior walls or the glossy concrete floors. Even though it might seem like a contemporary creation, the house was actually built in the mid-1980s. However, after the drastic renovation that took place two years ago, it got a completely new look. The liv
Transparent attic bedroom in Belgium This unusual space was designed by M Architecture. It’s the attic bedroom of a private residence located in Masnuy-Saint-Jean, Belgium. The area measures a total of 30 square meters and it features a very simple design. The minimalist lines and the simplicity of the whole image are part of the architects’ initial plan. The main idea behind this project was to work with transparency and special continuity and to create an out-of-the-box décor. It might seem like a very simple and easy project but sometimes the simplest-looking elements are the hardest ones to create. In this case, the limited floor plan posed some problems. The room is only 1.5 meters wide so working with those di
Modern Apartment in Tel-Aviv With A Beautiful Panoramic View The flat situated in Boyer St, Tel-Aviv, is a modern style one with a great panoramic view of the city. The area where the house is built on is 220 m2. The flat was finished in 2011 and was built by Koniak Architects.The indoor rooms have great natural light because of the big windows that surrounds the place. The living room consist from two sitting areas, the first area is used with a sofa and two chairs (this space is perfect for reading and relaxing), and the second place is a big dining table with ten seats. The living room is spacious because the furniture is being used in the exact amount that it is needed. The kitchen is very modern with complete white kitchen furniture, walls
Small guest residence in the trees Some of us still miss their childhood, so they build houses to remember all the mischiefs and beautiful moments spent with their friends. TOTeMS Architecture designed this guest house for a home in Casey Key, along the Sarasota Bay, Florida. The structure is inspired by the character of the oaks, which have been shaped by the prevailing coastal winds from the west, and it has the shape of a house in the trees. On a concrete base it is positioned the entire construction. Upstairs, the roof is made of oak planks and looks like a vault surrounded by vegetation and branches, just like a tree house which also provide privacy from a neighboring property from the north and the waterway betwe
Limited-edition metal chest The ‘Rockwell metal chest of drawers’ is a beautiful classic furniture, where you can deposit a large amount of stuff. You can categorize your stuff, that you use in the ‘metal chest of drawers’, by genre (files, disks, CD, vinyl, books, etc.). For cleaning the drawers you will use a soft, dry cloth so that you will not damage the exterior look. That’s why if you want to protect the finish you should use abrasive or household cleaners. The metal chest is made with attention and experience from crafted metal that looks like it belongs to an antique store. The chest is extremely spacious, it futures 24 drawers to fit your stuff. You can personalize your chest of drawers by usi