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Un lavabos, a tilting sink that adapts to the user’s height Carefully so that everyone can comfortable use the sink. It’s often difficult to do that as the users heights vary very much. it’s a problem for which French designer Gwenole Gasnier has created a solution. It’s called Un Lavabo and it’s a sink that can adapt to everyone that uses it.The sink is not very different or impressive in terms of design or details. The designer basically took the common basin and re-imagined it a little, enough to create a completely new sink. By simply altering a portion of the basin’s design the sink was given a completely new look. A cut along the body of the piece allows it to tilt and this way it adapts to the user’s height so that children
Ice-T’s Miami Condo for Sale I have always envied the stars’ luxury life. Their power, money and celebrity could offer them everything their heart desired: the most expensive clothes, cars, the most extravagant trips or the most luxury houses. Unfortunately their exposed personal life is not a reason for envy. I guess nobody likes to be in the center of attention 24h a day or be hunted by the curious paparazzi all the time, day and night. Ice-T, the famous rapper, actor or TV show man, on his real name Tracy Marrow is part of this adventurous life of stars and definitely got accustomed with the advantages and disadvantages of show biz world. Recently, he and his wife have decided to sale one off their luxury pr
DIY popsicle stick chandelier We all have guilty pleasures. But if yours include popsicles then you could also it to make something creative for your home. For example, you could make a popsicle stick chandelier. It’s not difficult and it doesn’t require many tools either. We’re going to show you how it’s done. It’s a cheap project that would be fun for both children and adults. First let’s review the supplies needed for this project. You’ll need 1 set of embroidery hoops, a glue gun, popsicle sticks and twisty wires. Start by separating the inner and outer sections of the hoops. You will have to remove the metal lock from the outer hoop using pliers. After that, glue the popsicle sticks onto the out
Provençal Writing Desk Every country and every geographic region is known for some products that are found there, that are manufactured and have a high quality. Switzerland is famous for cheese, France for champagne and perfumes, etc. But one region of France called Provence is also famous for its furniture. Many people in Provence have been manufacturing all sorts of furniture ever since the time kings ruled France and had impressive things in their palaces. This Provençal Writing Desk is a modern version of those beautiful things made in the past from wood and cherished in French families. This writing desk is elegant and delicate, made in the traditional style of the craftsmen in Provence, showing exqui

Union Jack Accent Cushion

Union Jack Accent Cushion Few people get to actually visit Great Britain and to have a taste of that famous sophistication everyone talks about. But you don’t necessarily have to go there to feel like a queen. Have your own sophisticated corner right there in your home. You can add some British flair to your house with some themed accessories such as this beautiful cushion. Usually, people use cushions as accent features anyways. There are a simple way of spicing up the décor and of introducing pattern and color into a room. So why not use them to add some flair to the living room or guest room? Even though the theme is very specific, this cushion would easily integrate in a variety of different decors with

Klismos Round Dining Table

Klismos Round Dining Table If you know at least a bit of history, then you certainly have some idea of the important role the ancient Greeks played for the whole humanity. They basically invented democracy, philosophy and many other sciences, getting their skills to the best they could get. Their ceramics and furniture for example were well known and appreciated all over the world. Klismos table was a famous and popular model of table in the fifth century B.C. and now it has been rediscovered and redesigned by those from Restoration Hardware and launched on the furniture market with great success. Now it is called Klismos Round Dining Table and it is made by hand of cast aluminum. The table has a rich zinc fini
Affordable Mini Greenhouse by IKEA If you want to start early seeds for your container garden, then the Mini Greenhouse by IKEA is the perfect solution for you. The Swedish furniture producers launched this product in order to help urban gardeners extend their home grown produce. This lovely greenhouse can help maximize limited planting space, at least until you have a collection of square meters to grow vegetables and fruits on. Designed to offer a space-saving solution, these tiny terrariums feature an adjustable roof with two operable glass hatches for positioning plants and ventilation. Seeds will have no problem integrating in the powder coated steel framed greenhouses. Moreover the simple design will allow you to
DIY coasters with geometric prints Coasters are very useful in any home. They allow you to protect your furniture and they can also be interesting decorative elements, depending on the design you choose. You can also personalize your coasters. And since geometric shapes and quite in vogue now, we’re going to show you how you can use this pattern on your coasters.First let’s see what you’ll need for this project. You will need some coasters. The type is irrelevant for the project itself so feel free to choose the type you like. You will also need wood sealer, acrylic paints, a paint brush, gloss varnish and sticky tape. Start by applying a coat of wood sealer to your coasters. Then apply strips of sticky tape to t
The sleek and modern Elko coffee table Coffee tables are very interesting pieces of furniture. They are something that any living room needs. They complete the room and they are very functional and practical for a variety of activities. But they are also great accent features for the décor. A coffee table is a very important element in any décor. It can completely change the atmosphere and it’s also usually used as a focal point. But there are models such as the Elko coffee table that also focus on versatility. The Elko coffee table was designed to serve as a very versatile piece of furniture. It’s why it comes in so many models and versions. It’s available in numerous color and wood options, for all tastes and pre

Toilet of the Future

Toilet of the Future It is already a reality the fact that the fresh water reserves are not infinite and probably some day fresh water will be as oil is today; pricey and rare, but this is water we’re talking the very essence of life on earth, therefore we should try and preserve this vital natural resource as much as we can.To help in this direction some people though of multiple ways of saving water. One of them promises sanitary solutions for washing hand and flushing the toilets. It is a new concept based on an old idea or recycling. This innovative object gets installed in the bathroom and has a double function: toilet and sink. The principle is simple: wash up and instead of wasting all that water