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Ingenious wood poufs

Ingenious wood poufs Norway and Scandinavia in general, has almost all of the territory covered in forests. With such an environment it is very easy to adapt your way of life according to the terrain, because there isn’t much of a choice.People living in those areas learned with the years how to make the most of their natural environment and how to live in harmony with it. They have beautiful houses made from the wood that grows in abundance everywhere and very often you will find houses that are up to 90% percent wood. If you are not that lucky to live around thick vegetation and you are a nature lover and want to bring it as much as possible closer to you, you can’t. But there is a more comfortable
An Amazing Retreat Hotel from Peru There’s always a way to bring some modern aspects to an old building and still keep her history and tradition alive. And, a very good example is Palacio Nazarenas Hotel in Peru, a place where you can go just to escape from your boring daily activities. Where it used to be a 16th century convent in Cuzco, the former capital of the Inca Empire, now we can find a luxurious hotel, with big and amazing rooms, an outdoor pool and an extraordinary restaurant. But how did they do that? They very well preserved the full of history walls beneath the glass floors of the spa rooms. That creates an amazing view for the guests that want to receive a massage. And nothing is more relaxing than that.
The Kobuchi Apartment, a project in Japan This contemporary building is located in Kanagawa, Japan. It was a project by Toru Kudo + architecture WORKSHOP in collaboration with EJIRI Structural Engineers and Kankyo Engineering Inc. and it was completed in 2006. The building covers an area of 443.56 square meters. It resembles a big residence but it’s in fact a complex of apartments. The building consists of several rental apartment and six residences that were exclusively designed for the owner families. It was a project that aimed at prioritizing economic performance. It basically introduces the concept of grouped families. It’s a space shared by several families and it’s been divided into spaces that can be rented and
The Stylish Twist Duvet Cover Set Add a contemporary touch to your bedroom with this Twist duvet cover set. It’s a beautiful way of introducing color, texture and style into your bedroom. This duvet set is bold but not in an opulent or violent way. It impresses with its softness and simplicity and with the way the subtle details allow it to stand out with elegance.The Apt. 9® Twist duvet cover set has just the right amount of glamour to be modern and chic.It features a soft and delicate texture and it’s made of cotton which ensures lasting comfort and allows you to enjoy it for a long time. The duvet is available in three sizes. You can choose from the twin, full/queen and king versions. The set includes a duvet
Interesting lights for your pad Lighting fixtures nowadays have much more meaning and significations that they used to have back when lighting was considered just a necessity and something with a strict destination.If we take a look back in the recent history we will see that since modern light bulbs were invented, light was used to enhance, to highlight and to set the mood in certain places. Theaters started using lights to enhance the décor, bars, night clubs and so on. Now, light is something we take for granted and therefore a lot of new ways of enhancing our interior and exterior places appeared. With a super-cheap light bulb hooked up to a bunch of wires you can have another light source in your home, the cha
Glass Bottle Lamps by DeGross Studio Lamps are a big part of our everyday life. Whether you are at home chilling and reading a good book or at your office looking over some papers, lamps make your activity much easier and more fun.I’m saying all that because we’ve all stumbled across lamps and we know them and we appreciate them for what they are.Lamps come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, elements, purposes and so on, I don’t have to tell you that because you probably know better, but what you don’t know is that some people continue to make lamps with out-of-the-box designs, totally original and from the most unusual materials. Take this design studio in London called DeGross, they have managed to create mar
Lovely DIY Recycled Leather & Wood Shelf Whether remodeling your kitchen, dreaming of a master bathroom addition or simply repairing a leaky faucet, a DIY project is a very rewarding task. Today we would like to present you an extremely nice project for your home, a hanging leather shelf. First of all, you will need 2 wood boards, 2-4 long leather belts which are not hard to find, but unreasonably overpriced, some carpet tacks/nails, a hammer, a measuring tape/ruler and a pencil. Once you gather all these elements you can start your project by marking both boards 2″ in from either side on the top and bottom. Next, strap the belts together to create two identical loops. Hold the first plank inside the two belt loops, with t

The Help from your Kitchen

The Help from your Kitchen The kitchen machine is in every woman’s dream. I say that, because it does all the hard work we have to do when we cook for our family members. Imagine how hard is to make by hand your mayonnaise, every time you want to make a salad. That’s why, when these machines appeared, they didn’t only been very appreciate but also very bought.Now, you find one in every home, because it helps you cook faster and better. But, an improvement is always well received. For that, we present you the KMX80 a striped and retro styled Kenwood Barcelona kMix that is a very special kitchen machine. It combines utility with design and I bet it will look awesome in your fancy kitchen. It is an amazing o

Rattan Ball String Lights

Rattan Ball String Lights Lamps are useful and make light for us to see the place surrounding us. Even when going or staying outdoors we still needs ligh at night, but in this case it is a bit more difficult to use lamps, so people try to find out other ways of combining the two. So they go for hanging strings of light that can make beautiful atmosphere, too. There are plenty of coloured string lights, but why settle with the most regular and dull ones when you can have something totally extraordinary and natural, too? These are the Rattan Ball String Lights that will bring a special touch of natural and eco to your garden or outdoor party. I know rattan is normally used for outdoor furniture, but apparently i
Personalized DIY Union Jack Dresser Though there are so many combinations of colors that represent something or go so well together I will always be attracted to that of blue and yellow.+The combination of blue and yellow will always bring a big smile on my face reminding me of my unforgettable Swedish experience. The colors represent the national flag of Sweden and for me they represent the nicest combination of colors. Although the following DIY project has not much in common with Sweden besides the combination of colors used it touched one of my sensitive strings. Actually the project it refers to a personalized DIY Union Jack Dresser. The Union Jack represents the national flag of United Kingdom and its current desi