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Modern Nursery Ideas

Modern Nursery Ideas Modern nursery ideas are good for people who live in a modern designed house. This way, your baby’s room decor will match your house. If you have a baby’s room that did not match the house, it will be ugly and no parent wants an ugly house for their child to grow up in! When I was growing up, our house was ugly and nothing matched. This is what happens when you live in a low income family. But, if you are reading this, you probably were not as poor as my parents. So, let us get some ideas for your baby’s nursery. Modern Nursery Ideas that you can use Today One of the best nursery ideas I have ever had was to have the theme of the room match the rest of the house. So, if you h
A super chic and glamorous bedroom Lonny editor Michelle Adams shared her bedroom in the most recent issue of Lonny, including how to get a gorgeous canopy bed on a budget. See her super glamorous retreat below.. A canopy bed need not cost a fortune.  A little handiness with a power drill, and these industrial pipe rods from West Elm ($69 - $99)  and you've got affordable canopy rods. White, black, and mirrors = no fail chic.   The leopard and floral is a bit too much pattern for me - I would have gone with white or tan benches. Love the mirrors, the flower pot, and the beauty accessories. images via Lonny  

decorate your baby’s room

decorate your baby’s room The hardest room in your house to decorate is the baby room. Baby room decor is hard because, out of all your rooms, the baby room is the one you do not know what the person will like. It is not just a common room but a place where your child will grow up and have fond memories of. A newly born is fed, nursed, put to sleep, cared for and grows up in this room. Your child learns to talk, walk, learns different habits and gets used to a way of life in this room. Years later, your baby is going to look back at this room with memories that are irreplaceable and priceless. The décor you choose for the baby room is imprinted in her/his thoughts and way of life let’s try. Let us explore the vari

Baby Boy room décor

Baby Boy room décor Welcoming a baby boy to your home can be a lot easier than welcoming a baby girl. One reason is that the baby boy’s room is a lot easier to decorate than a baby girl’s room. Baby boy’s rooms are simple and require less effort to decorate. In fact, even a father can do it. Baby boy rooms may be simpler to decorate but it does not mean that one does not need to use a bit of innovation and imagination when designing it. Basic colours, firm design, different themes and functional structures formsthe gist of the room design. One may choose to use a matching nursery or a professional designer to put the entire plan into place. Baby boy rooms are known to have themes like Transformers

Baby Boy and Girl room décor

Baby Boy and Girl room décor The baby room is an important part of every home. There is no greater joy then welcoming a new member into a family and decorating a room for the baby. As parents or the family gear up to decorate a room for the baby, they must consider certain crucial aspects. Though decorations and themes are the raging trend these days, a few aspects of safety and comfort also has to be taken into account.   Storage is an important aspect of the baby room and plans for drawers, closets and baskets has to be made in order to store the diapers, baby clothes, bottles and other baby accessories—trust me, there are tons of them. Extra bedding is also a vital element for young babies as they wi

Baby Room Wall Decor Tips

Baby Room Wall Decor Tips Walls are the main aspect of a room. You need at least 4 walls to have a room. Three walls are not enough dad! When the rooms are decorated, the main emphasis is always on the walls that form the room. When a room gets lit up and the mood of the room is set with the colour and patterns in it, you will have what is called ambiance. The wall décor will either give your room a vibrant and warm welcome or will end up making your room gloomy and dark. Dark rooms will produce emo children. The walls need the most attention and even the top interior decorators consider the walls to be their main aspects for decoration. Walls can be decorated with canvas wall art, mural stenciling, wall stickers