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Wishes for a beautiful holiday to all of you! Sadly, this holiday season is tainted with the tragedy that took place in Connecticut.  All of my deepest, DEEPEST condolences go out to the families, friends, and neighbors or the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  In all of the chaos of the holidays, be sure to take at the very least a moment to bask in the warmth of family, old and young, close and not so close, human and furry.  It is our relationships with one another that are the true gifts. I am so thankful for all of my readers, and I wish you all a healthy, safe, and beautiful holiday! I plan on taking off next week, so I will be back with you after the New Year.     1. Sweet Paul, 2.-3.
Treat yourself to the wishlist items you didn’t get! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Mine was full of yummy food and catching up with family. I got lots of lovely gifts, but I'm sure that like me, there are a few things on your list that you didn't get. Lucky for us, post-holiday sales are even more enticing than pre-holiday sales, because stores are trying to clean house before the New Year. Now, as some of you may know, I have a weakness for those "flash sale" sites. I'm not really a big shopping fan, but I love to virtually curate my home and wardrobe from a few of these sites. Here are my latest fave's on my post-holiday shopping list: From Joss and Main,  the chronic home decorators playground: I've wanted these pillo
Decor Ideas For Your Home’s Smallest Room A downstairs powder room is all too often decorated in exactly the same style as the room it happens to adjoin. In most home settings this means the rest room will have the same design as the hallway. However, there is no good reason that your corridor and powder room should share the same wallpaper and flooring. For the smallest room in the home, invest some thought into designing it just as you would for other living spaces. After all, your guests will be likely to pay the powder room a visit and a well designed one will make them feel comfortable in your home. Brilliant Basins. Most powder rooms will be short on space and have enough room for a toilet and wash hand basin only. Toile
Unique Freestanding Bathtubs That Add Flair To Your Bathroom Freestanding bathtubs seem to be very appealing and, at one point, you realize you’ve always wanted one without being sure why. There are lots of reasons why you should choose a freestanding bathtub and most of them are related to functionality and style. Chic, contemporary bathroom featuring wooden flooring and an oval freestanding tub Most of the times, homeowners choose freestanding bathtubs because of the views. To understand better, imagine a large master bathroom with a large window and a strategically-positioned bathtub. It’s s style that allows you to choose and change the location of the bathtub and to take advantage of the layout and design of the bathroom.   Tra
5 Unsuspecting Places To Use Curtains Curtains can be used for a whole lot more than just to cover up the windows. These pretty, flowing fabric pieces can add a lot to an unsuspecting place. Ethereal vibes, boho style and a serene look can easily be created by using a curtain or two here or there. So, where can you use that curtain you bought on sale and can’t figure out what to do with? Well, here are some great places to use them that you may have never thought of before! 1. Room divider. Divide up a room to create more privacy and appeal by adding some beautiful curtains. Cut-off the dining room from the rest of the house or even the kitchen from the living room. The curtains are a daintier, lighter touch than big
5 Small, Easy, Homey DIYs Whether you’re a professional with the glue gun or you’re a novice who doesn’t know the first thing about what kind of staples go in the staple gun, these DIYs will work for you. Everyone loves simple little things that’ll spruce up your home. And with this list of small, easy and homey projects, you’ll have new and improved spaces and home accessories in no time. Let’s take a look! 1. Morning time mugs. Make yourself some adorable coffee mugs. Every morning you’ll wake up to a hot cup of coffee, in a mug that makes you smile. Create a pair to go along with your significant other and leave them on the counter tops or in a glass cabinet to show them off to your guests. The
Shelves in Unusual Places: 3 Inspiring Examples When you have limited space or a lot of items to store it can be difficult to find places to put all of your things. Luckily, there are many places you can put shelving that you’ve probably never thought about. Below you will find the top 3 most unusual places to put shelves. Stair Shelves. Stairs can serve more of a purpose than just going from one floor to another. Stair shelves can be easily added to the side of the staircase that is flush against the wall. You won’t miss the few inches of space that they take up and you will give yourself much needed storage instead of having wasted space. You can easily make these shelves yourself by taking one shelf and bracket, found at Home
The Art of Framing: Five Ideas to Keep in Mind Art is one of those things in life that does us little good if we can’t see it…and that does us huge amounts of good when we can. The way that art is framed and displayed, however, can be almost as important as the artwork itself. And, bonus, even common objects can become art-like when framed appropriately as well. Certainly, framing decisions will vary based upon one’s taste, space, and the pieces themselves. Here are five ideas in using frames for beautiful and meaningful wall hangings: 1. Simple, identical frames with matching white mattes add sophistication to artwork of almost any kind. The art pieces themselves can be quite similar or they can be only loosely connected, b
Give your staircase a festive makeover just in time for New Year’s Eve Winter comes with lots of snow and cold weather but it also brings joy along with Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s a fun period of the year when we get to decorate our homes and give them a festive makeover. As part of the preparations for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you must pay attention to all the little details. The staircase is an important part of any home so make it look special. In order to preserve the holiday spirit that came with Christmas, you can hang stockings on the stair railing. It’s a very idea for families with children but not only. You can also add pine branches for some color contrast. Another idea would be to use Christmas ornaments or ribbons.
Beds You Climb In, Both Interesting And Space-Efficient I’ve always found climbing in bed an activity that’s somewhat fun and unusual. I’m not talking only about bunk beds, although these are the most popular beds you climb in. But there are also other alternatives and they are quite similar, although very unique in their design. Here are a few examples. We’re going to start with the popular bunk beds. Usually, there are only two beds that are placed one above the other. But sometimes you need more than two beds. For those cases, there are versions with four beds. The design is simple. The climbing ladder is placed in the middle and each bed has its own little incorporated nightstand.   Some versions have a small bui