Sitting quietly near the neighboring park, this house is modern, simple and beautiful at the same time. It’s a lovely property located on 39 Pakington Street, St Kilda, Vic 3182. The house was sold in February 2011. It’s a very beautiful property, with a wonderful location, beautiful surrounding landscape and a modern and functionally structured interior.

The house is hidden behind beautiful trees and vegetation. It’s a three-level residence with an elegant interior design. The house includes three beautiful bedrooms, three bathrooms, an office, two indoor living areas and two outdoor living areas. The office can also become a fourth bedroom if needed as such. The house also has a beautiful deck overlooking the neighboring park. Moreover, a subtle park gate offers quick access to St. Kilda library and Carlisle Street.


The interior of the house is very flexible and functionally structures. The office allows the owners to work from home and to easily separate the two environments. Also, since it’s a three-level house, two or more generations could easily live in the same house. The residence also has three parking spaces. It’s a lovely home, with a modern architecture, an elegant and chic interior and a wonderful and very beautiful location. The proximity with the park also allows for panoramic views, especially from the third floor. Also, the large windows and occasional glass walls further enhance the beauty of the views.

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