We all know that whole-home makeovers are rewarding. We also know they’re exhausting! Sometimes we just want a 5-minute project, something small that gives us immediate gratification. That’s where spray paint saves the day! It’s fast to apply, it’s quick-drying, and it requires no skill other than one’s ability to operate his/her fingers to produce successful results (as long as you apply it in multiple light passes rather than one heavy, drippy stroke).With spray paint can in-hand, feel free to around your house for some tired object that needs to be given new life. Here are some ideas to get you started:

f4a9c4c987 aqua painted mason jar 5 Quick Pick Me Up Spray Paint Projects

Spray paint a mason jar. Who would have thought that a simple glass jar could look so creamy and milky? Of course, the color you choose has a lot to do with the vibe of the finished product (this one says springtime country charm to me), but I love this idea for making custom vases for any room of any color palette. The chiffon ribbon around the jar’s neck is a sweet touch as well.{found on decorchick}.


d08408eccd turquoise mirror frame 5 Quick Pick Me Up Spray Paint Projects

Add color to a mirror. Update a room instantly with a couple of coats of spray paint on the main mirror. Particularly effective on ornately framed mirrors, spray painting highlights the curves and grooves that make your piece unique. And the best part (as with all spray-painting projects) is that, when you decide to change up the color scheme later on, your mirror can be changed right along with it. It’s a beautiful upgrade for little effort.{found on thethriftyhome}.

b5d0265691 spray turquoise 5 Quick Pick Me Up Spray Paint Projects

Freshen up those tired décor balls. We’ve all seen them, and maybe it’s just me, but sometimes the rustic-looking décor balls start to look a little generic and perhaps overdone. Spray paint to the rescue! Add a pop of a color (or two…or three) to your collection of these decorations, and you’ve given your space an automatic pick-me-up that’s uniquely fit to your space.{found on creationsbykara}.

2b6ad95edd pink framed art 5 Quick Pick Me Up Spray Paint Projects

Create a colorful collage of empty photo frames. Of course, you can spray paint regular old photo frames as well, but I adore this unexpected collection of spray painted empties. They are charmingly sprayed in a couple of shades of pink, which creates just enough colorful variety to be interesting but not so much that they fail to be a cohesive grouping. The light distressing finish done on these is a nice coordinating touch as well.

5585b1dfee diyspraypaintedflatware 5 Quick Pick Me Up Spray Paint Projects

Spray paint the handles of your flatware. Of course, you’ll want to incorporate some type of protective top coating here to make the utensils safe for eating and washing, but don’t they look wonderful? It adds an unexpected and delightful pop of color to any table setting. This idea takes old yucky (or simply blasé) silverware to a new level of chic.{found on saniapell}

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