Metals pack a powerful punch in home décor. I think it’s a combination of their sheen and their polish…and the fact that they’re usually the minority in materials used in a space, but metals can add a sense of class and sophistication even in very small dosages. Deliciously worn-in brass (and even the faux stuff) in particular brings out a sense of history and style in a space, and a little bit of it goes a long way. Consider the following instances:

a7cd896fdb bathroom brass A Little Brass Goes a Long Way
The brass of these charmingly antique bathroom sink fixtures adds sophistication to the cottage style. Brass itself is a classy substance, and this feeling is heightened by the faucet sink knobs and simple yet elegant arch of the faucet itself. The entire space here is beautiful in its detailed simplicity.


4bc27dd275 entryway brass lighting A Little Brass Goes a Long Way
What a lovely brass chandelier in an otherwise wooded, warm space here. The metallic fixture matches the warm tone of the entry while also adding shine. Brass components are thin and not overbearing (the chandelier itself utilizes an interesting sense of architectural “white space”), but their swirled engineering draws attention and the eye upward. The fixture is classy and fits right in with those beautiful hardwood floors and staircase.

78af3148b3 brass bed A Little Brass Goes a Long Way
Casual elegance is the call name of this lovely bedroom space. The simple, historic brass headboard is the epitome of chic simplicity. Other simple brass items (e.g., most of the lighting fixtures) tie into the metal without being too matchy-matchy. Paired with earthy and organic textures, such as that large magazine basket, cowhide rug, and sisal rug, brass in this space easily helps the minimalist components in this room seem at home.

cf2ab7b353 bathroom brass accessories A Little Brass Goes a Long Way
When pressed for time, space, or budget, consider choosing one larger scale, eye-catching brass piece in a space to add the look and feel of elegance without going overboard. This mottled oval mirror provides the wash space with depth and a sense of history. It is matched in hue by the ornately framed artwork, sconce, and towel rack, but the homeowners wisely refrained from matching all metals in this space. That mirror is stunning.

d7ef8a5cb0 brass wall decor and lamps A Little Brass Goes a Long Way
Wall art that is both three-dimensional and metallic can never go wrong. Well, maybe it can somewhere, but this is certainly not one of those instances! Flanked by two identical brass lamps (did you notice the matching tassels on each lamp?!), this branching wall hanging gives off a nice sense of movement and depth. I love how the larger metal objects are allowed to take the forefront when paired with white glass accessories here.

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