Baby Boy Room Decor 300x225 Baby Boy and Girl room décor

The baby room is an important part of every home. There is no greater joy then welcoming a new member into a family and decorating a room for the baby. As parents or the family gear up to decorate a room for the baby, they must consider certain crucial aspects. Though decorations and themes are the raging trend these days, a few aspects of safety and comfort also has to be taken into account.


Storage is an important aspect of the baby room and plans for drawers, closets and baskets has to be made in order to store the diapers, baby clothes, bottles and other baby accessories—trust me, there are tons of them. Extra bedding is also a vital element for young babies as they will be needed at several times during the day. The baskets that are in the room are also vital components of the baby room, this is because they store a lot of vital items such as bed-sheets, extra pillows, and baby clothes. The baskets can be made of hard cardboard and can be designed according to the theme of the room. It may seem odd at first but even baskets can contribute to the theme of the room. For example, using baskets in a Persian styled room would give it a much more exotic feel.


Special toys and curtains also give the room a different taste. Well-matched curtains go a long way in aligning the room according to the theme. Blue curtains are good for a baby boy room’s room and pink curtains are good for a baby girl room’s room. Toys specific to certain themes, like cartoon characters, are also available in the market. Interior decorators insist on toys that are in alignment with the room.


Boys are always associated with sports and the sports theme is also equally popular when planning a baby boy’s room. The room can be modelled on the basis of one sport, like football or baseball, or a combination of different sports put together, like hockey and golf. The room can have matching furniture and walls which could look like a playing field. The room can also havce a certain team’s colours.


Baby girl room’s interiors need a little more specific and detailed attention than the boy’s room. Ideas for decoraing a girl’s room can include: Ladybugs, bumblebees, powerpuff girls, and Hannah Montana. Rainbows are another option which can light up a baby girl room with a lot of bold colours. Not gay at all, I swear. Each of these themes has a unique appeal but, trust me, they are all apted for any baby girl’s room.


Remember that you have to give your child a room that grows will grow with them. A baby won’t always remain an infant but will grow in due over time. The room should be such that it can be easily modified with the baby’s age. The cradle or the rocker should be such that it gives way to the baby doll house or a baby board game. The baby boys need sport equipment and thus the room should have the ability to be altered to fit a baseball court or a football field. I’m talking about fussball and paper football of course. The colours and patterns may also have to be modified according to the age of the baby and, therefore, paints and interiors may have to be modified along with the baby. Complete makeover may not always be affordable, so the room should be alterable.



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