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rumah modern minimalis design Koleksi Gambar Rumah Modern, Minimalis, dan Klasik Setiap orang tentu memliki selera yang berbeda-beda dalam menentukan model rumah. Ada yang suka model bagunan rumah minimalis. Adapula yang merasa bangga jika telah memiliki rumah dengan arsitek modern. Namun ada juga yang justru berminat memiliki rumah dengan model klasik. Bagaimana dengan Anda? Masih bingung dalam menentukan arsitek rumah? Berikut sedikit koleksi gambar rumah yang ingin saya bagikan pada Anda :                    
10 Spectacular Projects Featuring Unusual Buildings Converted Into Private Homes It’s not uncommon for old buildings to be converted into something else. Often, commercial spaces gets transformed into beautiful private residences and become lofts but it’s also possible for other types of buildings to be converted. For example, there are numerous examples of water cleaning stations or even churches that have become amazing homes. We’ve selected a few examples to support this idea. Water Cleaning Station Conversion on the French Riviera. We’re going to start with this amazing loft-like residence located in the small coastal town of Villefranche sur Mer on the French Riviera. The building looks like a lovely family home now but it didn’t always use to be the
A simple, modern home that perfectly integrates into the forests of North Carolina Located in Hillsborough, North Carolina, USA, this unusual property doesn’t sit anywhere near civilization. It’s a simple, modern home located in a clearing in a beautiful lush forest. The idea for this unusual setting came from the owners. They wanted a quiet and simple home somewhere in the middle of nature where they could live without being disturbed. The clients also wanted the house to disturb the natural environment as little as possible and to accommodate local wildlife. The architects that worked at this unique project were Tonic Design in collaboration with Tonic Construction. The house was built in 2011 and sits on a five-acre property. The clients had few but important
Contemporary apartment with white walls and rustic furniture Decorating with white walls opens a multitude of possibilities. The versatility of this color, especially when used for the background, is impressive. It’s a great starting point that can lead to a contemporary décor, a traditional interior or even a rustic look. This apartment has a little of all.Simple, airy and small but spacious, this apartment is a very interesting combination of modern and rustic elements. The white walls provide a neutral and versatile background for the rustic furniture. Some of the furniture is also white and this allows it to just blend in with the décor while other pieces have a dark and heavy appearance that contrasts with the lightness of the room. Th
Contemporary residence in Melbourne with a beautiful garden and courtyard Located in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, this residence was designed to meet the current and future needs of its owners. It was designed and built by the architects of Jackson Clements Burrows and has a very clean and beautiful structure. The property includes a residence with a contemporary design and a wonderful garden.The garden features a pavilion at each end and this allows it to become a private courtyard. The house has a simple design and, internally, it has been functionally divided in order to respond to its owners’ needs. It’s a home for a large family and has been divided into a series of public and private spaces to meet the needs of both adults and children. In or
A classical residence from the 50’s transformed into a contemporary home This beautiful and contemporary residence is located in Pedregal, Mexico City and it used to be a classical property that dates from the 50’s. It all changed when, in 2011, the house was completely renovated and remodeled. It became this modern home with contemporary features. The whole project was developed by SPACE architects.The project area was 800 square meters and the architects had to completely repair and renovate the property. Originally, the house was in very poor, due to its age. Even though the owners wanted to change the aspect of the house, they asked the architects to try to respect the original design as much as possible. Of course, they also wanted it to be updated.
The Greek tradition combined with luxury Greece is famous for his little towns near the seaside that perched on the mountains.  From above you can see how the town metaphorically falls into the sea. It is an amazing view and imagine how you can see the sunshine from there. Keeping the Greek tradition, the Hydra Residence is a very  nice house whose beauty is not only kept by the place where it is build but also from the design and the theme the owners chose. In fact, this home was built on one of the highest sites of the Greek Island Hydra. Thinking of that aspect, the designer Tina Komninou decided to bring the house to life by giving her a traditional Greek atmosphere. So the interior looks like the one from an old house
Victory Ford’s casual chic apartment in Lipstick Jungle I don't know if you guys remember the show Lipstick Jungle from a few years back.  It was written by the same author of Sex and the City, but Lipstick Jungle only ran for two seasons I think.  I watched it on DVD awhile ago with some girlfriends and my favorite part of the show was the character Victory Ford's apartment.  They changed it a bit throughout the show, but it was always a pretty and chic space. See below This shot is the apartment in the second episode.  Notice the green room behind them, and the blue room behind that one.  In following episodes, the green room becomes the kitchen, painted light blue, and the room behind that one becomes Victory's design studio (she's
The Kobuchi Apartment, a project in Japan This contemporary building is located in Kanagawa, Japan. It was a project by Toru Kudo + architecture WORKSHOP in collaboration with EJIRI Structural Engineers and Kankyo Engineering Inc. and it was completed in 2006. The building covers an area of 443.56 square meters. It resembles a big residence but it’s in fact a complex of apartments. The building consists of several rental apartment and six residences that were exclusively designed for the owner families. It was a project that aimed at prioritizing economic performance. It basically introduces the concept of grouped families. It’s a space shared by several families and it’s been divided into spaces that can be rented and
The Contemporary Maison Keiffer Residence Maison Keiffer is a very interesting residence because of the context it is placed in. The residence itself is not that impressive. It’s a contemporary house with a neat, minimalist design and the usual large windows and glass walls. But the interesting thing is that the house is situated in a neighborhood populated by traditional structures so what would normally be just a regular contemporary home is here an eye-catching, unique building. The residence was a project by Luxembourg practice Steinmetzdemeyer. It’s located in Luxembourg and has a design that tries to balance a series of traditional elements within a contemporary design. As a result, the architects chose to maintain