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Beautiful, sumptuous stone bathrooms Making a room such as the bathroom look sumptuous is not that easy. This is a space that needs to be, first of all, practical and functional. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add some style to it as well. A stone bathroom, for example, is a simple way of making this space look amazing. The key is choosing the right material and style. We have selected a few examples to help with that. This is a spacious and very inviting bathroom. It has a high ceiling with a couple of beautiful hanging chandeliers. The lighting is soft and warm and contributes to the overall inviting atmosphere. Also, the combination of stone and wood used on the walls, around the tub and for the window and d
Unique Freestanding Bathtubs That Add Flair To Your Bathroom Freestanding bathtubs seem to be very appealing and, at one point, you realize you’ve always wanted one without being sure why. There are lots of reasons why you should choose a freestanding bathtub and most of them are related to functionality and style. Chic, contemporary bathroom featuring wooden flooring and an oval freestanding tub Most of the times, homeowners choose freestanding bathtubs because of the views. To understand better, imagine a large master bathroom with a large window and a strategically-positioned bathtub. It’s s style that allows you to choose and change the location of the bathtub and to take advantage of the layout and design of the bathroom.   Tra
Mirror On The Wall (Bathroom Mirrors) I have noticed so many bathrooms equipped unfortunately with default stock wall-mounted mirrors. You know the type – rectangle, frame-less, and utterly devoid of any personality and life. Where is the fun in that?! I love the unique details of a well-thought-out mirror and the resulting delightful effect on the space overall. Check out these options: This clean-cut space doesn’t want (or need!) a lot of frills, which is why these tiltable, modern mirrors are a perfect fit. Simply framed in a stainless steel, the his-and-hers mirrors add dimension to a white (or otherwise monochromatic) bathroom. The mirrors don’t draw a lot of attention to themselves; rather, they reflect a ton
Floating sink cabinet designs for the bathroom Floating sink cabinets are wonderful for all types of bathrooms. In a small bathroom they manage to maintain an airy look by allowing the space underneath the cabinet to remain unoccupied. In a larger bathroom they enhance the spaciousness of the décor and make it seem less cluttered. Floating sink cabinets usually have modern designs.This means that they feature clean and simple designs with lean lines and clear angles, without unnecessary decorations and with minimalist structures. Spacious master bathroom with a double floating sink cabinet and matching mirrors Not only that this further contributes to an overall airy and spacious interior décor but it’s also a design suitable f
Small bathrooms with clever storage spaces In a small bathroom there’s not a lot of room for storage. It’s why you need to get creative and to come up with ingenious ideas. Whether it’s a strategically placed shelf, a small storage cabinet squeezed in a corner or a wall-mounted unit, the important thing is to make sure the room doesn’t become cluttered. The five bathrooms we have selected as examples might be small but they surely don’t lack storage space. In this bathroom, the solution for saving space was to have a narrow shower with a transparent glass wall, a sink cabinet with integrated storage compartments and a matching wall-mounted cabinet above the toilet. To maintain a simple, airy look, the bathroom has a
Using Patterns in the Bathroom: Ideas & Inspiration! If there is one place to use patterns in the house, it’s definitely the bathroom. Bright bold designs or even small, delicate patterns can freshen up and liven a smaller space. Bathrooms are fun to experiment with too since they aren’t the “face” of the house, you can be super playful in your decorating. Take a look around at some fun patterns and inspiration to use in your bathrooms at home! Florals are near perfect for any bathroom. Whether you decide to go super bold or extra girly, floral patterns fill a bathroom with smooth style and relaxed vibes. Using wallpaper to create an entirely new look and feel is one option. But if you’re super artistic and crafty yourself you
Super luxe and lush bathrooms I have never had a bathroom worth writing home about in my years as a renter, so on the rare occasion that I get to travel, I always appreciate a hotel with a clean, well-stocked, and zen bathroom. If I'm lucky enough to have a room with a whirlpool tub, or a walk in shower, it is something I always remember. How luxe is that shower!?! So how does a hotel take a bathroom to the next level? For rooms that house two guests, the minimum in luxury bathrooms should be twin basins and mirrors. Bathrooms boasting marble surfaces, spacious baths and showers with steam or sauna options and mirror cabinets with inbuilt televisions are elements that are sure to impress guests. Whirlpool baths
Un lavabos, a tilting sink that adapts to the user’s height Carefully so that everyone can comfortable use the sink. It’s often difficult to do that as the users heights vary very much. it’s a problem for which French designer Gwenole Gasnier has created a solution. It’s called Un Lavabo and it’s a sink that can adapt to everyone that uses it.The sink is not very different or impressive in terms of design or details. The designer basically took the common basin and re-imagined it a little, enough to create a completely new sink. By simply altering a portion of the basin’s design the sink was given a completely new look. A cut along the body of the piece allows it to tilt and this way it adapts to the user’s height so that children

Toilet of the Future

Toilet of the Future It is already a reality the fact that the fresh water reserves are not infinite and probably some day fresh water will be as oil is today; pricey and rare, but this is water we’re talking the very essence of life on earth, therefore we should try and preserve this vital natural resource as much as we can.To help in this direction some people though of multiple ways of saving water. One of them promises sanitary solutions for washing hand and flushing the toilets. It is a new concept based on an old idea or recycling. This innovative object gets installed in the bathroom and has a double function: toilet and sink. The principle is simple: wash up and instead of wasting all that water
Stylish wooden bathroom collection by Francoceccotti Wood is a very uncommon material in the bathroom. At first it wasn’t used because of the moisture and the danger of getting quickly deteriorated. However, the wood is now treated and it can be safely used in the bathroom, even in the forms of features such as a washbasin or bathtub. For example, this is a collection of wooden bathroom features and they are all very distinguished and stylish. The series is manufactured by Francoceccotti. It includes items such as washbasins, bathtubs, benches, chairs and bathroom decorations. The pieces are particularly attractive and striking due to the rarity of the material they are made from inside the bathroom. This collection is called “The N