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11 Stylish Upholstered Headboard Ideas
Headboards in general are an important element in any bedroom’s décor. They add style and they complete the room. But the style chosen for the headboard depends on many factors. Some types and models are better suited for certain types of décor or rooms and it all depends on the preferences of the one choosing the design. Certain types are more general. The upholstered headboards, for example, could easily be integrated in a variety of bedroom decors. Here are a few examples: The décor of this bedroom is a combination of vintage and modern and the upholstered headboard has the perfect design to highlight this idea. It’s simple and it also extends on the wall, providing a contin

Modern Nursery Design Tips

Modern Nursery Design Tips
If you are expecting an addition to the family, or want to update your nursery for a more contemporary look, follow some simple steps to get a modern décor. Every parent wants to decorate their child’s bedroom in a way that will look good, but there are some practical considerations to take into account as well, with modern designs. There are a number of designers who focus on nurseries and rooms that are suitable for toddlers, so check them out for ideas. Most modern designers try to provide a nursery that is suitable for a baby but that will also be a good starting point for a young child’s room, so that you don’t have to make extensive changes in a couple of years time. &
Make Over Your Guest Bedroom For January
Did you make a New Year’s resolution to improve the look of your home? If your guest room has been neglected for a few years, you will not be alone, because guest rooms tend to be redecorated less often than other bedrooms. If you have resolved to take on an interior design project for your home in January, a good place to start is with your guest room. New Headboard, New Color Scheme. However, you don’t need to make wholesale and expensive changes to your room’s layout or design to give it a fresh look in the New Year. There are various ways that you can alter the feel of the room with a few, well chosen, elemental alterations.   A good way of making over a guest
Helping Your Children Maximize Space In Their Bedroom
Organizing and at the same time maximizing your chil’s bedroom is one of the dilemmas that most homeowners face on daily basis, especially if the bedroom is not spacious. There will always be the need for storage and maximum control of clutter. With the few creative ideas discussed below, you will be able to, not just maximize your children’s bedroom, but also control clutter and let them enjoy an organized bedroom that has space for sleeping, studying and possibly, playing or having a quiet time. Children’s storage bookshelf & wall storage ideas Creative Wardrobe Closets: In order to maximize the space in your children’s bedroom, it is necessary to get them, not just a w
A few decorating ideas for the master bedroom
The master bedroom is a wonderful retreat, a space where you can be yourself and where you should always feel comfortable. It’s the place where you should allow yourself to be extravagant in terms of interior décor. So why not take it to the next level and create a luxurious and beautiful décor like the ones you see in magazines and advertisements? It’s not as difficult as you might think. We even have some tips to make it easier. Traditional bedroom with a neutral color palette and vintage details This bedroom is simple but it’s relaxing and elegant at the same time. The colors are neutral but contrasts are still created between the light and darker tones. The light is also so
Bringing Life To Your Small Bedroom While Saving Valuable Space
If you think your small bedroom is lacking character and style because you are trying to save valuable safe, think again your organizational needs. Your bedroom has hidden areas that could double as beautiful display areas in bookshelves, built-ins and open shelving. From your under bed storage with clothes drawer storage to platform beds that can house books, shoes and more, save space in your small bedroom without sacrificing beautiful style. Small bedrooms can be cozy and full of space saving areas; here are some helpful tips for even the tiniest of bedrooms. Choose a bed that fits your room perfectly and holds storage Consider changing your bed: If you are like many homeowners yo
Blissful bedrooms: Inspiration for a restful space
I am tired today. Like, super uncharacteristically tired.  Maybe because wedding planning is a full time job in itself and I drove a combined 4 hours yesterday to look at two different wedding venues, or because ever since Sandy blew through the east coast hasn't been seeing much sun. Either way, I slept through my alarm, getting up an hour and a half late, and somehow slept-walked over to my dresser and hit snooze on my alarm NINE times and don't remember any of it.  Luckily I work for myself and from home, but I still feel like a bum when I don't get up at a reasonable hour. Anyway, plentiful sleep aside, all I want do to is crawl under my down comforter and dream the afternoon awa
35 Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas That Looks Beautiful & Modern
Scandinavian interior design is all about simplicity and elegance. It’s about taking something simple to the next level and using it to create an extraordinary décor that is both pleasant and beautiful. It’s a style that suits all the rooms in a house but that completes some better than others. The bedroom is one of the rooms where a Scandinavian interior design is a perfect choice. Bright but cozy bedroom with fireplace and traditional accent rugs A Scandinavian-style bedroom is simple, tranquil, bright and relaxing. It’s how any bedroom should be like. It’s a well-known fact that most Scandinavian-inspired interiors use white as a main color. All-white bedrooms can be very b

Absolutely stunning bedrooms

Absolutely stunning bedrooms
Maybe most of the time spent in your bedroom is with your eyes closed, but it sure is nice opening them to a beautiful view! The coolest part about the bedrooms below is that they are all from real homes!   I love the chandelier over the bed, I want to know though, how often people actually use they make good bedroom light?     This is so pretty, but I don't think boyfriend would go for the fuchsia...     Which is your fav? via BHG
Baby room designs by Ikea
Besides making the baby, the second most wonderful task for parents is designing the baby boy or girl’s room. The efforts that are put in to make the room special brings much fruits when the room ends up being beautiful and ideal for the new member in the family. The baby room is a place where the baby is cared for while it is an infant and it grows up in the room. The child has many memories associated with its room. The decorations in the baby room are important, not only because it is a place for your child to stay, but also because the room will shape up the identity of your child. Plenty of baby room decoration ideas are available in the market. The various themes and decoration id