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Ultra luxe, super glamorous spaces These rooms are truly some of the most luxe, glamorous spaces I've seen.  If you are a girly-girl, love the feeling of satin and velvet on your skin, and don't shy away from drama - these will definitely speak to you!   Amazing mirror, fab wallpaper.  A mix of textures keeps monochrome interiors from feeling flat.   White, black, and shiny surfaces (check out the ceiling!) is instant drama     ...even the rug has sparkles... While I appreciate the beauty of this dining room, I couldn't live life without pets and children :)   Love the floor! Could you live in these spaces?  What ideas could you take from them and incorporate in you

Colorful Jara Settee

Colorful Jara Settee Today we’re going to approach a particular piece of furniture that we didn’t really pay much attention to until now but that has some very interesting characteristics that deserve to be analyzed. It’s a settee, a piece of furniture that would best complement the living room but that can also be included in other spaces. This model was created by Massoud Furniture, a company founded in 1962 by three friends. It specializes in creating custom seating. This is one of their many beautiful creations, the Jara settee. It features a charming design with simple lines. It’s a handcrafted piece and this makes it even more interesting and unique. Also, the array of patchwork prints is a
More Living space & more room for family in a remodeled basement The builder-designer, David Amundson was required by the owners of the house not to use fixed furniture placement in the walkout basement. Thus, the sofas, ottomans and the storage solutions had to shape shift and transition from one space to another easily. Another requirement was that the basement is open and light filled, with areas for crafts, play, entertainment and dining. The result is a versatile, colorful and bright living space that can be used by both kids and adults. The eastern part is obviously open, perfect for anyone who wants to feel at ease, without the restrictions imposed by furniture placement. The entire space is inviting, perfect for unobstructed play. If the wh
5 Midcentury Modern Living Rooms Midcentury modern interiors have a quite difficult style. They can be difficult to accessorize and they tend to seem a little too sober and stark. It’s why they need accessories to feel complete. If thought carefully and in detail, they can be very charming and elegant. Here are some examples that might convince you. 1. This stylish living room feels both cozy and a little imposing. It’s been decorated with simple furniture featuring clean lines and modern designs. The décor includes a variety of patterns and textures found in elements such as the rug, the pillows and the furniture. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, typical to midcentury modern homes.  
10 Traditional living room décor ideas Traditional interiors are easy to spot as they have a very specific look. They tend to focus on elegancy and on an overall continuous décor where everything matches everything else. The most commonly used colors are beige and brown with slight variations. An element that is specific to traditional décor, more exactly to living rooms, is the rug. Traditional rugs have an easily distinguishable pattern and they feature a mix of warm colors and intricate patterns. Rugs, regardless of their style, are a detail that has become unnecessary in most modern decors. However, they have a softness to them that allows them to bring warmth to a room and to create a cozy and more intimate atmosphe
Small Ceiling, Large Room Having low ceilings does, without a doubt, make a house look like a family of dwarves is lining in there. In fact, you’ll feel like one after living in such space after a while. But that doesn’t have to happen. You can make it look bigger for your taste. Sometimes it’s obvious the room is small and will be categorized as small, and up to you to make it bigger. Colors, as you know, do have one of the biggest impacts. It’s easier to make it work if you already have a lighter color to your ceiling (Remember it’s a lighter color we’re talking about, as opposed to a light color). Hopefully that is the case, as most don’t want to repaint the ceiling if it has a textured finish
Perfect Living Room Plans | Living Room Plan Ideas | Living Room Plan Designs Living room, which contains all the bits. It it can take any shape depending on what you choose to focus on you, watching TV, socializing, there is where you relax. Here are some tips and suggestions on the plan to your living room.Once you have determined your goals for the living room, that want to work the design around you has been planning a very important feature. For example, if the focus is on the TV, you determine the design of the room to its size and shape. Plasma set, but may require a fake wall to hide the cable, to the typical set, you may simply need a console. The seat also revolves around the TV in the room. By maintaining focus on the heart, other furniture will be more
Living Room Floor Plans Ideas |  Reverse Living Floor Planning Traditional architecture found in the residential construction industry as a whole, provides a usually two-story house, a main floor living space, in the bedroom on the second floor. However, instead of popularity, became known as the life of this reverse floor plan has evolved. I will help in determining if there is a possibility appropriate for reading with me to explain the life of the reverse, using a reverse floor plan. Living Room Floor Plans Ideas In the traditional two-story house, the living space was found active in your room living room, kitchen, dining room, den, family room such as this one is on the ground floor. This arrangement, and their families and homeowners entry, prov
Amazing Fire Place Design Ideas For Living Room Caminetti Montegrappa is an Italian company which offers a large variety of fireplaces especially for air heating. These fireplaces are not only famous for luxury home owners but are also affordable by the common people. Most of us would like to make the fireplace as a decorative element of the living room so they not only search for interesting fireplace designs but along with that the cladding’s to play and important role. For all those people who can afford a fireplace which is not that expensive but still make it look lavish and rich then you have to check out the variety of fireplaces that Montegrappa has got to offer. Most of them are done in combination of kinds of marble and wood w
Dining Room Decorating Ideas Today many homes have open floor plans. Open floor plan has its own pros and cons. They allow small homes look spacious and bright. They have kitchen, dining area and living area in the same space. Furniture, lighting and area rugs define each space. As all the spaces are visually connected, interior décor of all the areas should be harmonious. One major disadvantage of open floor plan is there could be lots of distractions and noise. Children may be playing or watching TV, kitchen may be busy with cooking, guests may drop in unannounced. In short there is heavy traffic flow in the living area. If you like quiet and peaceful dinnertime sometimes it is not possible in an open floor plan home