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Decorate with small turquoise accessories for a big kick in your decor Turquoise is such a beautiful and powerful color. It’s a very interesting shade, the result of combining green and blue but it doesn’t really share much with those colors. It has a strong character and, if used properly, it can completely change the way your home looks like. You don’t have to redecorate your home and turn it all turquoise. A small accessory placed in a strategic space can have a great impact. For example, this lovely dining area is part of a spacious open floor plan. The whole room is defined by simplicity and neutral colors. The décor is very light and serene. The small decorative planter placed on the dining table features a b old and vibrant shade of turquoi
Dreamy outdoor weddings It seems like I've hit the age where all of my friends are having weddings, or at least attending a lot of other friend's weddings.  One couple I know have at least 5 they are attending this summer, and I will be attending 3.  I can't lie that it is fun to imagine how I would decorate an outdoor wedding.   How romantic is this?  It can also be done easily and with a small budget.  Personally, I think the money involved in weddings has gotten so out of hand, I always have more fun at weddings that feel more like small, intimate parties.   I would definitely love a barn wedding! 2 images above via Style Me Pretty This dress is so simple and sweet! via Ivy and A
Happy Friday and a fantastic giveaway from eclectic decor boutique Zengerine! I was lucky enough to be recently introduced to a very cool online shop called Zengerine. It combines two of my great loves: home decorating, and travel. While traveling I come across so many amazing objects, but expensive baggage costs and the desire to keep my bags light prevent me from snatching up all the amazing cultural décor I come across. Luckily, shops like Zengerine have collected little treasures from across the globe so you don’t have to carry them over great expanses of land and sea! The folks at Zengerine are also awesome enough to give one lucky reader a gift of $75.00! All you have to do to enter is answer some questions in the widget below! (Each question you answer
Personalized DIY Union Jack Dresser Though there are so many combinations of colors that represent something or go so well together I will always be attracted to that of blue and yellow.+The combination of blue and yellow will always bring a big smile on my face reminding me of my unforgettable Swedish experience. The colors represent the national flag of Sweden and for me they represent the nicest combination of colors. Although the following DIY project has not much in common with Sweden besides the combination of colors used it touched one of my sensitive strings. Actually the project it refers to a personalized DIY Union Jack Dresser. The Union Jack represents the national flag of United Kingdom and its current desi
Provençal Writing Desk Every country and every geographic region is known for some products that are found there, that are manufactured and have a high quality. Switzerland is famous for cheese, France for champagne and perfumes, etc. But one region of France called Provence is also famous for its furniture. Many people in Provence have been manufacturing all sorts of furniture ever since the time kings ruled France and had impressive things in their palaces. This Provençal Writing Desk is a modern version of those beautiful things made in the past from wood and cherished in French families. This writing desk is elegant and delicate, made in the traditional style of the craftsmen in Provence, showing exqui
The Nice Sofa Free Sofas are always very hard to find and match with the rest of the furniture. And, there are so many types that your work becomes harder and harder every new one you see. There are sofas that make your living room look fancy, some other that keep a cozy atmosphere, sofas that are perfect for your kids and so on. But you never seem to find the right one to bring home. Or, it happens that sometimes you have second thoughts and you want to change it. The perfect sofa has to be very comfortable and of course it has to make you feel good when you rest after work and want to watch TV. And if it brings a smile of happiness when you find it, you should buy it. When you first see it, it looks l
Crystal polyester table Contemporary furniture no longer aims at impressing with the help of small details, accessories and decorations. The designer’s attention shifted towards the shape and the design itself. The simplicity and minimalism have become an important rule these days. So pieces such as the S Table have a very simple design and yet they are intriguing.The S Table was designed by Xavier Lust for MDF Italia. It’s a very stylish table with a design composed of a round or oval top and an S-shaped twisted stand, the element that also gave its name. The shape of the base with its delicate form and curves is the star of this design. It was created by placing the mix in a mold and then finishing it
Saucer-Shaped Planters By Flip&Tumble When decorating your home you have to keep in mind the small details because these are the ones that give personality to the place. Every little thing matters, it can add warmth, depth or even drama. Such an element is the Felt Pod designed by Flip & Tumble.These lovely items are made from recycled felt and they offer a great solution for your apartment. Moreover they are small in size, 6.5″ in diameter, making them perfect for those of you who don’t benefit from a lot of space. If you love flowers and want to make your home more close to nature then the Felt Pods are exactly what you need.   The Pods are designed to keep your plants warm and cozy while adding

Sue Wright Mirror

Sue Wright Mirror Berries are good and tasty and people like them. They love their taste and also the way they look. So why not use them as a source of inspiration for the design of a mirror? Well, this beautiful Sue Wright Mirror is inspired by those tiny and colourful wild berries and they are used here as decoration for the frame of a mirror. The mirror looks great with this design and this is actually what makes it so appealing in the first place. Without them it would be nothing more than another boring round mirror. This round mirror does look like the sunburst mirror that I like so much, but it is a bit more different and closer to nature, just the way I prefer it to be. The mirror is delicate a
Green Parish Duvet Cover Jonathan Adler is a very well-known and powerful name in the world of design and since it is a brand that is known to give high quality products, the customers trust its products. This is how Jonathan Adler has started producing different items that were not necessarily designed by the artist, but that are great. One of them is this Green Parish Duvet Cover. It is beautiful and the nice green patterns on the duvet show amazing taste. The pattern is geometrical and very nice, in nice angles and giving the impression of architecture rather than fabric design.   This bedding is made of 400 thread count, 100% cotton percale, which means it is high quality and very nice to touc