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5 Unsuspecting Places To Use Curtains Curtains can be used for a whole lot more than just to cover up the windows. These pretty, flowing fabric pieces can add a lot to an unsuspecting place. Ethereal vibes, boho style and a serene look can easily be created by using a curtain or two here or there. So, where can you use that curtain you bought on sale and can’t figure out what to do with? Well, here are some great places to use them that you may have never thought of before! 1. Room divider. Divide up a room to create more privacy and appeal by adding some beautiful curtains. Cut-off the dining room from the rest of the house or even the kitchen from the living room. The curtains are a daintier, lighter touch than big
How To Make Your Porch Inviting Having guests over is a pleasurable way of showing off your home and for anyone interested in interior design entertaining can inspire you to try new things. Creating a relaxed and informal atmosphere in your home makes it a welcoming place and your design choices have a lot to say in the ambience of a gathering of friends. One of the most relaxed places you can entertain guests is your home’s porch. There are few better places to relax on a summer’s evening than in your porch. Designed attentively, guests will find a porch the perfect combination of outdoors with indoor comforts. Swing Seats. No design element is more associated with a porch area than a traditional swing se
Happy Friday and a fantastic giveaway from eclectic decor boutique Zengerine! I was lucky enough to be recently introduced to a very cool online shop called Zengerine. It combines two of my great loves: home decorating, and travel. While traveling I come across so many amazing objects, but expensive baggage costs and the desire to keep my bags light prevent me from snatching up all the amazing cultural décor I come across. Luckily, shops like Zengerine have collected little treasures from across the globe so you don’t have to carry them over great expanses of land and sea! The folks at Zengerine are also awesome enough to give one lucky reader a gift of $75.00! All you have to do to enter is answer some questions in the widget below! (Each question you answer

Union Jack Accent Cushion

Union Jack Accent Cushion Few people get to actually visit Great Britain and to have a taste of that famous sophistication everyone talks about. But you don’t necessarily have to go there to feel like a queen. Have your own sophisticated corner right there in your home. You can add some British flair to your house with some themed accessories such as this beautiful cushion. Usually, people use cushions as accent features anyways. There are a simple way of spicing up the décor and of introducing pattern and color into a room. So why not use them to add some flair to the living room or guest room? Even though the theme is very specific, this cushion would easily integrate in a variety of different decors with

Klismos Round Dining Table

Klismos Round Dining Table If you know at least a bit of history, then you certainly have some idea of the important role the ancient Greeks played for the whole humanity. They basically invented democracy, philosophy and many other sciences, getting their skills to the best they could get. Their ceramics and furniture for example were well known and appreciated all over the world. Klismos table was a famous and popular model of table in the fifth century B.C. and now it has been rediscovered and redesigned by those from Restoration Hardware and launched on the furniture market with great success. Now it is called Klismos Round Dining Table and it is made by hand of cast aluminum. The table has a rich zinc fini
Six stylish bar stools that we love When shopping for a bar stools there are a few things that you’re looking for: a strong and durable construction, a friendly and stylish shape and a design with a style that matches your interior. We have selected six of the most beautiful bar stools we encountered and we hope that you will find them as attractive and stylish as we do. 1. The Bertoia counter stool. This stool was designed by Harry Bertoia for Knoll and it’s an iconic creation, as the rest of the designer’s collection. It has an industrial look and it’s both versatile and comfortable. It was created from industrial wire rods and has a polished chrome finish and stainless steel connections. The stools looks a

Handmade Storage Basket

Handmade Storage Basket Nothing compares to the handmade objects. They are unique, well done and perfect, no matter how simple or complicated they seem. The basket in the picture is handmade by skilled Aeta artisan weavers and once you see it, you try to picture the person who made it. The baskets in themselves are colorful and quirky, were crafted from sustainably harvested rattan  and repurposed plastic. It is interesting to realize the juxtaposition between the time-honored technique and modern materials. Handmade in Philippines, these baskets are a thought-provoking storage space, it depends only on you and the way you imagine things in your house. If you choose the basket in the picture and you care ab
The Nice Sofa Free Sofas are always very hard to find and match with the rest of the furniture. And, there are so many types that your work becomes harder and harder every new one you see. There are sofas that make your living room look fancy, some other that keep a cozy atmosphere, sofas that are perfect for your kids and so on. But you never seem to find the right one to bring home. Or, it happens that sometimes you have second thoughts and you want to change it. The perfect sofa has to be very comfortable and of course it has to make you feel good when you rest after work and want to watch TV. And if it brings a smile of happiness when you find it, you should buy it. When you first see it, it looks l
Versatile Add-On Shelving System Today we would like to present you an interesting shelving system, perfect for every house. Designed by Rasmus Kjær,Add-On is an unique and modular item made to meet the highest demand for flexibility. This system is very functional, practical and has the property of being versatile and space-efficient. Moreover it has flexible designs that will aloow you to work around your current decor. Everyone knows the trouble of assembling your own furniture. With the Add-On system all this is just a bad dream. It is extremely easy to install, move and expand, without screws or tools. Furthermore the modules come in three different sizes and can be easily combined according to your household n

The Awesome Hackberry Desk

The Awesome Hackberry Desk A very hard thing to do when you decorate your house is to choose your desk. That’s because is a place where you spend a lot of time and you need to have a lot a space for your papers and of course a lot of deposit space for your things. And they come in so many shapes and colors that is very hard for you to find the perfect one. When I first so this desk I immediately felt in love with it Because of his peaceful color and his nice and simply form, the Hackberry Desk is the best I saw so far. Because is a combination between modern and antique. I say that because the top piece is made from massive wood and gives it a stylish an serious look as far as the drawers brings in the modern