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Turn old chairs into beautiful flower beds and planters We all have chairs in our homes. They’re basic furniture pieces that are an important part of any home’s design. But chairs are not immortal. At one point they become too old to be used. They then become unnecessary. However, this doesn’t mean they have to be thrown away. They can still be useful. They are lots of ways in which you can repurpose old chairs. One of them is to turn the chairs into flower beds or planters. To be able to do that you need a traditional old chair, the type with a wooden structure and simple lines. However, other types of chairs can also be turned into beautiful planters with a little imagination and creativity. Basically, what you need to do in the ca
Contemporary residence in Melbourne with a beautiful garden and courtyard Located in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, this residence was designed to meet the current and future needs of its owners. It was designed and built by the architects of Jackson Clements Burrows and has a very clean and beautiful structure. The property includes a residence with a contemporary design and a wonderful garden.The garden features a pavilion at each end and this allows it to become a private courtyard. The house has a simple design and, internally, it has been functionally divided in order to respond to its owners’ needs. It’s a home for a large family and has been divided into a series of public and private spaces to meet the needs of both adults and children. In or
Dreamy outdoor weddings It seems like I've hit the age where all of my friends are having weddings, or at least attending a lot of other friend's weddings.  One couple I know have at least 5 they are attending this summer, and I will be attending 3.  I can't lie that it is fun to imagine how I would decorate an outdoor wedding.   How romantic is this?  It can also be done easily and with a small budget.  Personally, I think the money involved in weddings has gotten so out of hand, I always have more fun at weddings that feel more like small, intimate parties.   I would definitely love a barn wedding! 2 images above via Style Me Pretty This dress is so simple and sweet! via Ivy and A
A historic fort turned into a public park in the Netherlands Fort Wek aan’t Spoel was originally a military facility designed to protect the municipality back in 1794. However, since it lost its original purpose, it has become a historic structure and a piece of landscape architecture. It’s why Rietveld Landscape and Atelier de Lyon designed a project meant to transform the fort into a public park for everyone to admire and enjoy. Originally designed to keep the enemy out, the fort was intentionally flooded and the landscape was built up into a series of groves and elevations with thick grass over it and surrounded by inundation locks that could flood the unwanted guests if needed. The landscape is very sculptural and it was the main reason
Simple Backyard Ideas | Easy Backyard Design If you're like many people, you have a backyard of many might be better somehow. Of time to get busy and snap to. Your backyard is a fun and non-decline of why when you can take the time to do something about it, let 's go unused? There are a variety of interesting can be your backyard, be carried out by following a slight idea of the backyard might want to give you a try. Simple Backyard Pools and Seating Ideas 1 - Try Backyard Pools Was hoping you have easy access to pool those long, hot summer day between until now? Here's your chance! Go ahead and why, why not add a nice pool in your backyard? It may be the pool your own inexpensive to set the pool on the ground or just gorgeous. Eith
Inexpensive Backyard Ideas | Cheap Backyard Ideas There are many inexpensive landscaping ideasto create a design of the front and backyard still great. Now, I am, please refer to the "cheap". When, it is not really what I mean. I should have said is inexpensive. There is no part of the landscape that you can not creatively to reduce costs.Cheap landscaping ideas - some of the sidewalk or patio. We are considering a more expensive paving, etc. If you are looking at other natural stone brick, stone and blue like this, the material of the fence more expensive. Yes, they may be very beautiful, but it is not to say that you have a beautiful patio and sidewalk design, and still can not. Concrete pavement is cheaper than the above options. Inex
Small Backyard Ideas | Landscaping Ideas For Small Backyards Because it does not bestowed the opportunity you have a large backyard, you are your location is not necessarily forget your goal of that turned out to those who can take your self-esteem. Landscaping ideasare everywhere for a small backyard. I choose for them, about your personality, you can create a personal space will speak for you as it is possible to increase the value of your humble dwelling.By design, the main thing to consider is to allow you to create a fictitious idea you have a really large space in your backyard. It is also when it comes to the whole idea of your property, details Please note that you can talk a lot. You are, simply because you have limited space, you can purc

Small Backyard Ideas for Kids

Small Backyard Ideas for Kids Frost and before school begins, we plan the activities of the camp of the children of fun right in your backyard. Invite your friends and neighbors of some of the backyard campout. Children, a small group of children of school age from 6 to 8 is recommended. , Set the flat sheet on top of the laundry to make 10 tons, or (! As long as you do not have a large family size tent) for each child at least 2-3 with the help of several tent . Small Backyard Ideas for Kids You may have to do the type of tent announcement contains information such as the children. Sun backyard campout Time to display Bring: What kind of sleeping bag, pillow, PJ, toothbrush When you pick up the next morning
Should You Get a Conservatory or a Garden Room? The easy answer to the question “Should you get a conservatory or a garden room?” is: Yes! Either home addition will allow the household to enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of indoors. The added living space can raise the quality of life at home. If the new addition is constructed properly, functionally and attractively, the market value of the home will rise as well.Conservatories and garden rooms owe their origin to 16th aristocrats who developed a penchant for citrus. The first orangeries were simple rooms with south-facing windows, designed to make the most of available sunlight (a scarce resource in their place of invention – Britain) while protecting plants from incl
Perfect English Garden Landscape Design english garden landscape design ourse materials, and accessories, suitable plant, as well as the design brings elegance and beauty to your outdoor space a romantic cottage-style garden, is an important aspect of all of your home. Edged twist nature, on the sidewalk, a plant in the prosperous, flourishing lawn to play shadow of the trees majestic, relax and accessories of the cottage style of the county traditional full of beauty to complement your home Create a simple outdoor living area.English to build a garden path On the sidewalk secluded life and graceful curves and rich, free-flowing plants are the basis to create a landscape design of a real English. Garden path meandering