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Some gorgeous spaces to inspire a home cleanse I ended up taking a longer break than I expected, as I had a lot of work to finish up for my web design business. But, I'm glad to be back, and I hope everyone is having a great New Year thus far. Here are some little projects I am undertaking to sort of "cleanse" my apartment and start fresh. Clear your surfaces!  In general, I think people have too much stuff on their shelves and surfaces.  Remove all of your tchotchkes, candles, trays, vases, etc., and put them in a bin.  Then, slowly add back a few carefully edited pieces.  A few well-chosen objects are all you need. It might look sparse at first, but once your eye adjusts, you will love the clean, mind-clearing look of a more mi
Easy Ways To Organize Your Cluttered Home Office Home offices serve various purposes which ranges from being a space where you keep important files to a space where you carry out transactions and communications with your clients and maintain accurate bookkeeping. It is also a place where you file and manage your family’s financial, medical and educational documents. Shared office featuring a traditional carpet Whatever it is you use this space for, if it is not organized and always cluttered, you can hardly achieve any positive feat under such circumstance. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you utilize the following listed ideas to clear your office space, desk and floor of unnecessary items and equipments.   Create an
Tips And Ideas To Incorporate Dry Erase Boards In Your Home’s Design Chalkboard walls and boards were very popular and they still are. There are lots of ways in which you can incorporate them into your home. But they’re not the only option. Dry erase boards are quite similar but they present a series of distinct characteristics. First of all, they tend to look more modern, simple and clean. They are dust-free and they allow you to use different colors when writing. They are also very versatile and can be incorporated in any room’s design and décor. For example, your kids would definitely love to have a dry erase board in their bedroom. And since it’s difficult to find the space for this type of items, you can opt for a dry erase closet door. It
Decor Ideas For Your Home’s Smallest Room A downstairs powder room is all too often decorated in exactly the same style as the room it happens to adjoin. In most home settings this means the rest room will have the same design as the hallway. However, there is no good reason that your corridor and powder room should share the same wallpaper and flooring. For the smallest room in the home, invest some thought into designing it just as you would for other living spaces. After all, your guests will be likely to pay the powder room a visit and a well designed one will make them feel comfortable in your home. Brilliant Basins. Most powder rooms will be short on space and have enough room for a toilet and wash hand basin only. Toile
Give your staircase a festive makeover just in time for New Year’s Eve Winter comes with lots of snow and cold weather but it also brings joy along with Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s a fun period of the year when we get to decorate our homes and give them a festive makeover. As part of the preparations for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you must pay attention to all the little details. The staircase is an important part of any home so make it look special. In order to preserve the holiday spirit that came with Christmas, you can hang stockings on the stair railing. It’s a very idea for families with children but not only. You can also add pine branches for some color contrast. Another idea would be to use Christmas ornaments or ribbons.
Beds You Climb In, Both Interesting And Space-Efficient I’ve always found climbing in bed an activity that’s somewhat fun and unusual. I’m not talking only about bunk beds, although these are the most popular beds you climb in. But there are also other alternatives and they are quite similar, although very unique in their design. Here are a few examples. We’re going to start with the popular bunk beds. Usually, there are only two beds that are placed one above the other. But sometimes you need more than two beds. For those cases, there are versions with four beds. The design is simple. The climbing ladder is placed in the middle and each bed has its own little incorporated nightstand.   Some versions have a small bui
Simple and functional storage ideas for all your shoes You don’t have to be a shoe lover to want your footwear to sit nice and organized. In fact, well-organized shoes occupy less space and this way you can have a clean and uncluttered home. Depending on your style preferences, on the space you have available and also on the pairs of shoes you have, there are plenty of ideas and solutions to adopt. For example, these storage shelves are a very simple and very easy way of keeping your shoes organized. The compartments have different sizes for different sizes and types of shoes and you can have everything organized and close at hand whenever you need it. Your shoes will be out of the way and you can also use some of the compartment for ot
A small Nordic-inspired villa with a warm, Christmassy décor Nordic homes are not exactly famous for being warm and cozy. That’s something due to their simple and usually white interiors. They most often feature white walls and very simple furniture that’s sometimes black for contrast. One way of making it feel a little warmer and more inviting is to have wooden floors. The texture of the wood contributes to an overall cozy interior. But this time of the year, when Christmas is almost here, it’s not enough to have an almost cozy home. It has to feel warm and welcoming so. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to make major changes neither does it mean that you have to change the style. It’s enough to add some cheerful holiday spirit b
Simple Seasonal Decor Changes for Winter Some of us are in the throes of winter weather right now. Of course, holiday décor typically comes out of boxes and stays through December, but when the month is over, our homes can look oddly out of sorts. Bare, even. Fortunately, there are a few minor changes we can make in our home décor to match the season and carry us through until the warmer weather returns. Consider pulling out your softest, warmest throws. This chunky cable knit afghan exudes cozy warmth during the chilly months…I mean, who doesn’t want to snuggle in after seeing this? (Soft animal skin throws are equally homey and inviting during winter weather.) The more textural and neutral the throw, the more inviting
10 Cozy And Relaxing Reading Spaces Reading is an activity that, surprisingly, relaxes the mind and allows us to enter a stage of deep tranquility and calmness. It’s a great way of regrouping your thoughts and allowing your mind to restore its energy after a long day at work or whenever your feel like you’re stressed. Whether you’re a passionate reader or not, every once in a while you feel the need to go somewhere quiet and cozy and to read a few pages from your favorite book or magazine. An elegant library at the bottom of the stairway featuring tall windows and bookcases You might do this more often if you had such a cozy and inviting place to go to. The solution for this problem is very simple. All you have to