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A Little Brass Goes a Long Way Metals pack a powerful punch in home décor. I think it’s a combination of their sheen and their polish…and the fact that they’re usually the minority in materials used in a space, but metals can add a sense of class and sophistication even in very small dosages. Deliciously worn-in brass (and even the faux stuff) in particular brings out a sense of history and style in a space, and a little bit of it goes a long way. Consider the following instances: The brass of these charmingly antique bathroom sink fixtures adds sophistication to the cottage style. Brass itself is a classy substance, and this feeling is heightened by the faucet sink knobs and simple yet elegant arch of the fau
Hanging Fireplaces – Beautiful And Versatile With A Touch Of Grandeur The fireplace is a beautiful décor element in any home. Originally, it was a piece used to heat up the room but lately it has become a very appreciated décor piece. It maintained its original function but it also gained more versatility as more designs and types were created. The hanging fireplace is one of the most intriguing styles. Modern living room with a black and white interior and a hanging fireplace Hanging fireplaces are particularly great in spaces that have high ceilings. They are usually included in spacious living rooms but they can also become a beautiful part of the bedroom, dining room or any other room. Moreover, a hanging fireplace could also be used in an outdoor
A very bright and airy home with earthy colors and neutral warmth Light, airy and bright, this is how this beautiful home can be described without getting into details. It’s a home with a very simple but, at the same time, very inviting and stylish interior. It was designed by Triple D and the main focus of the project was to create something bright without relying only on whites and other similar shades.As a result, the residence features a diverse color palette that includes white as one of the main colors combined with beiges, browns, black as well as subtle blue and green accents. The rooms are airy and spacious. The living area shares an open plan with the kitchen and dining room and features an earthy color palette along with soft textures a
Renovated House Featuring Panoramic Views Of The Mountains And Lake Located along Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy, this house, also known as Villa a Como, benefits from wonderful views from all angles. Since the location is so beautiful, the design of the house had to be in sync with the natural surroundings. Its owners decided to renovate it in order to create a stronger connection with the outdoors.The house was renovated by Milan-based Studio Parco Piva. It covers a total area of 5,630 square feet and, even though the size allows it to accommodate two levels and a variety of rooms, the interior of the house was designed as a large open floor plan with high ceilings. The pitches ceiling gives it a subtle traditional look while everything else is modern
Tastefully Decorated Penthouse With Terrace There’s always something special, something unique about a penthouse apartment. It’s not just the fact that its denomination is often synonym with luxury and exclusivity. Penthouse apartments are often defined by their inner beauty and their coziness.This apartment, for example, is a perfect example that shows us why this type of home is so great. There are lots of things to be admired here. Architecturally speaking, the design is simple and yet it has a few very nice elements.For example, the sloping ceiling is one of the details that often make people feel attracted to this type of apartment. It makes you feel like in a attic, with all the coziness and intimacy that comes with i
Beautiful interior eye-candy from across the pond I need a little Christmas decor detox today, so I though I'd share some lovely spaces from British e-glossy, Heart Home Mag. Enjoy!   I really like this - but I'm confused by the TV placement...   Love Gorgeous dining room - the block printed table cloth adds warmth. What do you guys think?

Many Moods of Yellow

Many Moods of Yellow Like many colors whose reputation precedes them, yellow tends to be categorized, more often than not, as in-your-face-spazzy. While yellow is bright and noticeable (it can’t help it!), there are actually many different moods and stories the color can tell. Some full of whimsy, some shy, some sophisticated, and some sweet. Below are evidences of yellow’s adaptability and charm in a variety of spaces: Bold & Dramatic. Solid pieces in a mustard-y yellow draw attention and add drama to this corner nook. Even silver bowl adopts the color. If one’s intent is to draw attention, one must also make sure there are details worth noticing. This space does that perfectly – with the curv
The dreamy Cambrian Hotel set in the amazing Swiss Alps Everyone deserves a little relaxation from time to time. And when you finally decide to take a few days off to relax and maybe have some fun with your friends and family, you obviously don’t want to stay home. You want to go somewhere beautiful, somewhere special such as a hotel or resort. During winter, everyone wishes to go somewhere where they can enjoy the amazing weather, where they can admire the landscape and the views and where everything is covered in snow. The Cambrian Hotel offers all those things and more. Located in Adelboden, Switzerland, in the spectacular Swiss Alps, the hotel offers breathtaking views and amazing services. It’s the perfect place to go to when you
Chic and inviting French country kitchen interiors French country homes have something that makes them very inviting and beautiful. It’s not something that you can point out but an element that defines everything about them. This beautiful style can be recreated and the key is to pay attention to all the small details as well to the overall décor. Let’s see, for example, how you can bring some French charm into your kitchen. This kitchen has an overall traditional interior décor and a very beautiful chromatic palette. The main color used is a soft shade of yellow that comes in the form of cabinets. The walls are also painted with a very pale shade of the same color. There are also accent details and they add not only color to th
Tufted walls – a cozy and elegant alternative for most rooms Accent walls are a very nice way of creating focal points in a space. There are lots of different options for accent walls and, among those, tufted walls are one of the most interesting and intriguing ones. They are great not only as accent elements but also as an alternative for regular walls.They are wonderful in bedrooms, especially for kids’ rooms but they can also be adapted to other spaces such as the dining room or media room. This lovely girl’s room is very stylish and inviting. It seems very cozy and welcoming and that’s partially because of the friendly textured used in the décor. The tufted wall, for example, provides a very interesting background for the bed and hea