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Tuvan Console Table with Drawers I love large hallways and I also love seeing a small table there. i know there very few people think it is appropriate to have a table in the hallway, but I do and I love them. It is necessary to have a very narrow table that will only hold the necessary stuff like your keys, a small lamp, a phone and maybe some accessories. But this table is so important for the general design of the hallway, as it makes it more personal and beautiful. For example this Tuvan Console Table with Drawers is the perfect accessory for any home, bringing elegance and style and welcoming you the minute you enter the door.   The table is white and made from MDF with beechwood legs and you can eve
Versatile Add-On Shelving System Today we would like to present you an interesting shelving system, perfect for every house. Designed by Rasmus Kjær,Add-On is an unique and modular item made to meet the highest demand for flexibility. This system is very functional, practical and has the property of being versatile and space-efficient. Moreover it has flexible designs that will aloow you to work around your current decor. Everyone knows the trouble of assembling your own furniture. With the Add-On system all this is just a bad dream. It is extremely easy to install, move and expand, without screws or tools. Furthermore the modules come in three different sizes and can be easily combined according to your household n
Ian Ross’ vision of a healthy & transparent workplace Ian Ross is the one in charge with Google’s initiative of “Building a Healthier Google”, a project that focuses on creating a healthy and transparent workplace. Thus, he created a mural for the new wing of the offices in Mountain View,California. The mural brings the outdoor in and the deer in the picture best express the idea of nature tranquility. There are three depicted in his organic style: the larger one, which seems to stand around a watering hole or grazing in a meadow, alert and looking at the people entering through the main entrance and two other deer, calm, with their heads to the ground. The closer you get, the more unusual the pattern of their coats becomes; it eme
Contemporary residence in Redcliffs by MAP Architects Located on a sloping site is Redcliffs, Christchurch, New Zealand, this residence takes advantage of the surrounding environment and of everything nature has to offer in that particular area. The house was a project by MAP Architects and it was built in 2010. It covers an area of 200 square meters and has views of the estuary and the beach. The client requested a gallery where he could display his collection of original art. This area also serves as the space that greets the visitors upon their arrival. The main entrance of the residence features a lavastone clad blade wall and it leads to the gallery. Then a large open space is reached. It includes the kitchen, the dining area and th
The perfect home for a young family This house is like an exposition. You can see through the wide windows the perfect placed furniture. In fact, the non-covered glass doors let you see the dining-room like you’re watching a TV show. But, that’s not a problem for the owners, because the big fence covers it totally. The architects of Isay Weinfild designed this awesome house in the Brazilian city, São Paulo, in 2009, for a young couple and their daughter. So, the luxurious home looks just like a doll house from above and her very interesting architecture makes you love it the first time you see it. The coolest thing is that from the house you can immediately take a step and arrive onto the always green garden. In fa
Multifunctional wood table-bench HP01 TAFEL is a combination between a table and a bench. It’s a tablebench and it was designed by Hans De Pelsmacker for e15. It’s a part of the Tafel collection and it was designed in 2000. The most important feature of this piece would have to be its versatility. Because it’s both a bench and a table its functionality instantly doubles. More than that, this piece also has a simple design that allows to be easily integrated in any type of décor. It’s also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and it’s something that would be useful in private as well as in public environments. For example, it could be a nice addition to a home office, to a reading corner, deck, terrace,
The Glamorous Stafford London Hotel Stafford London is an exquisite hotel that combines the best of the styles. It features classical details along with charming country cottage elements and the result is an unprecedented mix of beautiful accents. The hotel is located in London and it was designed by Kempinski. It’s a luxurious creation with an amalgam of beautiful details. The hotel includes 380-year old wine cellar and an amazing 18th century stable courtyard as well as many historical memorabilia that make it unique. The hotel’s Main House includes 75 individual rooms and suites. Their interior decors and glamorous, elegant and have a simple sophistication that makes them stand out without being opulent. They fea
Tiny studio apartment with ingenious interior design solutions It seems logical that a small apartment can’t become larger unless it is actually redesigned and extended. However, interior designers like to fool the eye by finding all sorts of ingenious solutions. A nice example is this small apartment from Chelsea, New York. It measures only 650 square feet but it actually seems larger because of the interior design. The apartment was designed by Robert Garneau of Studio Garneau. He turned into place into an airy and spacious area for its owners. The clients are a couple who run their office from home so besides needing a nice and cozy place to live they also needed an office space for work. The designer used many built-in features to open up t
Jade, another dream destination of Greece Greece has always been considered a dream destination for any kind of vacation. Here the white constructions that appear near the blue waters of the sea make an astonishing view which takes your breath away. The decors are peaceful and the locations look like some pieces of a real paradise.On the southern coast of Paros, Greece, on Farangas Beach there is Jade, a luxury property with five bedrooms, five baths and a pool. Actually the property is divided into three different units with bedrooms on opposing ends of the living room and kitchen. A covered pergola with marble floors appears at the entrance halls and then you reach a small office and the two en-suite master bedrooms that ha
Elegantly restored residence in Sicily by David Perri This is a residence located in Messina, Sicily, Italy that features an abundance of historic details. Even though it was affected by the 1908 earthquake, the building managed to maintain intact many of its unique features. Architect David Perri has recently restored the residence and used these elements in his advantage. The architect preserved all the historic elements that he could find. For example, he preserved the handmade concrete floor tiles that gave this place a unique allure, the wooden truss roof that was in surprising good shape as we as the marble stairs. The residence has two levels connected by a long and beautiful staircase that represents a unique architectural detail