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Blue Kitchen

Blue Kitchen
I am working on a lot of kitchens at the moment - so while researching I've noticed that I definitely pause and admire the kitchens with colour. While you can't go wrong with a classic white kitchens, there is something rather lovely about the depth and richness of using a colour, like this calm blue grey one in Copenhagen, designed by Kobenhavns Mobelsnedkeri. It contrast beautifully with the timber floor and the dark hardware.
Tips For A Yellow Themed Kitchen
For those of us with smaller a kitchen, packed with storage units and appliances, there is usually less available natural lighting. Plain white kitchens are therefore consistently the most popular, as they make smaller rooms seem larger and reflect the natural light around. However, sheer whites can make a kitchen spaces a little cold. If you are seeking some warmth and a cheery atmosphere in your kitchen then yellow may be the right color to theme your kitchen with. Sometimes yellow is rejected as a color for interiors because it can be a little overwhelming, even maddening. Use bright yellows but do so sparingly. Lighter tones of yellow will bring warmth to your kitchen and can be u
Decorating Modest Kitchens: Ideas & Inspiraton
Minimal clutter and the utmost functionality, modest kitchens are all about spacious counter tops and clean looks. Whether it’s a smaller nook or a grander space, modest kitchens may not have a bunch of accessories or bold colors but they know how to utilize the area they’ve been given. Let’s take a look at some real life versions and grab some ideas and inspirations for removing the chaos and emphasizing the space in your own cooking abode. Obviously, using neutral colors is essential. Lighter tones on the walls and cabinets will give the illusion of more space, including height and width. So, the smaller the space, the lighter the colors you should use. Try white-washed cabine
30 Successful Examples Of How To Add Subway Tiles In Your Kitchen
Using subway tiles in your kitchen may add a traditional feel to a place, but their look certainly never gets old. First off, let's start with some quality kitchen design inspiration that you might want to read before starting a decorating project.
Chic and inviting French country kitchen interiors
French country homes have something that makes them very inviting and beautiful. It’s not something that you can point out but an element that defines everything about them. This beautiful style can be recreated and the key is to pay attention to all the small details as well to the overall décor. Let’s see, for example, how you can bring some French charm into your kitchen. This kitchen has an overall traditional interior décor and a very beautiful chromatic palette. The main color used is a soft shade of yellow that comes in the form of cabinets. The walls are also painted with a very pale shade of the same color. There are also accent details and they add not only color to th
Colorful kitchen counters for a cheerful and dynamic décor
In the kitchen there’s not much room for improvisation when it comes to adding accessories and decorations. This is a space defined by functionality and efficient use of space. However, you can still make it look dynamic and stylish by simply adding some color to the room. For example, the kitchen counters are a great way of introducing color into this space. Not everyone enjoys bold and vibrant colors. In this type of situation there are also other options as well. For example, you can opt for a simple and neutral color palette and your kitchen will still look stylish if the nuances are nicely balanced. This contemporary kitchen features black countertops and a very interesting bar
5 Inspiring Kitchen Artwork Ideas
Even though it’s designed for cooking and the main goal is to make it functional, the kitchen still needs an attractive décor that can give you energy and inspiration. So integrating artwork into the décor is a very good idea that gives it the kick it needs to feel dynamic and vibrant. Here are five nice ideas for kitchen artwork. Since it’s a kitchen, you don’t have to think too far for the main theme. An oversized piece of artwork representing a beautiful, juicy fruit or ingredient would be a perfect way of making yout kitchen pop while remaining close to the theme.   It’s common for a large kitchen to also include a work area. It’s a way of combining two
Different kitchen interior décors that we love
Choosing the right style or décor for the kitchen can be very difficult. The kitchen is a space that needs to feel welcoming and casual but that, at the same time, should also have an elegant look. It’s this combination of formal and informal elements that makes everything so difficult. It’s why we made this selection of kitchen interior decors that we’ve admired for some time. They include various styles, all with an overall elegant look. Farmhouse kitchen. A farmhouse décor is usually casual. However, this kitchen seems to feature a very nice balance between the casual and the elegant details. The large dining table is a must have in any farmhouse kitchen and this one makes n
Stainless steel kitchen hood designs and ideas
A hood is a must-have in any kitchen. It’s a piece that’s both functional and beautiful and this makes it great as a decorative element as well. Hoods don’t usually take much space, especially in modern kitchens where the accent falls on practically and efficient use of space. However, sometimes the hood becomes more than just a necessity and is also perceived as an important decorative element. To learn more about decorative hoods you can check our article entitled “Decorative kitchen hoods, both functional and beautiful“. Contemporary black and white kitchen with stainless steel hood But besides the design of the hood, the material is important as well. Stainless steel hood
10 Practical, versatile and multifunctional rolling kitchen islands
In the kitchen it’s important to have a flexible design, to be able to free up space when you need it and to be able to organize everything in an efficient and functional way. Modular kitchen furniture is a wonderful choice is this case. But a kitchen doesn’t feel complete without an island. So to maintain the flexibility and versatility of the décor, a rolling kitchen island would be a perfect choice. Rustic rolling kitchen island with a storage shelf underneath Rolling kitchen islands are very practical simply because you can move them around and change their position and location. This allows you to free up space when you need it but also to have everything clean and organized.