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5 Ways to Beautify a Plain Glass Jar One of my favorite ways to add a unique flair to a space is through do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. This not only infuses personality into the room itself, but it also encourages reusing, repurposing, and upcycling a variety of objects. (Go green!) So, if you’ve got a few glass jars lying around collecting dust, here are five lovely and creative ways to make them beautiful…at least so they can lie around collecting dust in style! Glass jar chandelier – A quick internet search will turn up loads of alternative takes on the glass jar chandelier. This particular one cleverly involves turning baby food jars into a decorative light fixture, although I’m sure it can be modified fa
Open space living rooms with airy and stylish interior decors Open space living rooms are not typical to a single style. They are, however, mostly seen in houses and residences as opposed to apartments, where the space is always limited. The main advantage for such a living room is flexibility. Typically, an open floor plan includes the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. But these three spaces are not very clearly delimitated so the boundaries are blurry and sometimes inexistent. Modern open floor plan with industrial details and sliding glass doors This allows you to either extend the kitchen into the living or dining room or to reduce a certain area in order to advantage another. You have a flexible and dynamic space that can be reco
10 Industrial kitchen island lighting ideas for an eye catching yet cohesive décor Most kitchens have functional interiors and this usually means lots of storage space, an airy interior with plenty of space to move around, large counter and work surfaces and also chic and beautiful accent pieces. Kitchen islands solve most of the concerns enumerated above. They provide quite a lot of storage space inside all the drawers and shelves integrated in their design and they are also great as work surfaces. But a kitchen island needs one more element in order to truly stand out: beautiful lighting fixtures. Stylish and elegant kitchen island featuring matching industrial-style pendant lamps The kitchen is a great place to include industrial lighting fixture designs. They hav
Something new: interiors with some masculine refinement I can admit my tastes tend to lean on the girlier side, but these more masculine spaces are oozing with sophistication and whatever the male version of glamorous would be... What would a sophisticated man space be without a bar and something chrome?   I LOVE those gloss black floors!   This inky blue space has a "cabinet of curiosities" feel to it... Does your home have any masculine style to it? 1-3. via Lonny, 4-6. via Adore Home

Top Trends in House Lighting

Top Trends in House Lighting Whether the latest in hand blown glass, fabrics or customized pieces, or whether the newest environmentally friendly LED lighting is for you, the latest trends in house lighting are exciting and innovative and sure to cause a stir. With something for every room and more, lighting has never been so sexy. Different rooms need different light, that's something we take for granted. However, the latest trends in lighting have taken this basic premise to new levels and with added colours, textures and new materials available, a sophisticated look is within the grasp of everyone. When considering the right lighting for any particular room there are simple rules that it's well worth following.
Interesting lights for your pad Lighting fixtures nowadays have much more meaning and significations that they used to have back when lighting was considered just a necessity and something with a strict destination.If we take a look back in the recent history we will see that since modern light bulbs were invented, light was used to enhance, to highlight and to set the mood in certain places. Theaters started using lights to enhance the décor, bars, night clubs and so on. Now, light is something we take for granted and therefore a lot of new ways of enhancing our interior and exterior places appeared. With a super-cheap light bulb hooked up to a bunch of wires you can have another light source in your home, the cha
Glass Bottle Lamps by DeGross Studio Lamps are a big part of our everyday life. Whether you are at home chilling and reading a good book or at your office looking over some papers, lamps make your activity much easier and more fun.I’m saying all that because we’ve all stumbled across lamps and we know them and we appreciate them for what they are.Lamps come in a huge variety of shapes, colors, elements, purposes and so on, I don’t have to tell you that because you probably know better, but what you don’t know is that some people continue to make lamps with out-of-the-box designs, totally original and from the most unusual materials. Take this design studio in London called DeGross, they have managed to create mar

Rattan Ball String Lights

Rattan Ball String Lights Lamps are useful and make light for us to see the place surrounding us. Even when going or staying outdoors we still needs ligh at night, but in this case it is a bit more difficult to use lamps, so people try to find out other ways of combining the two. So they go for hanging strings of light that can make beautiful atmosphere, too. There are plenty of coloured string lights, but why settle with the most regular and dull ones when you can have something totally extraordinary and natural, too? These are the Rattan Ball String Lights that will bring a special touch of natural and eco to your garden or outdoor party. I know rattan is normally used for outdoor furniture, but apparently i

Glamorous Bell Lamp

Glamorous Bell Lamp Each room of a house may have its personality and décor. Usually the details are those that capture your attention. An interesting shape of a bookshelf, a colorful lamp or an elegant glass top coffee table may be some eye-catching items that will definitely determine a certain ambiance and style. Those who would like add more extravagance or create a glamorous atmosphere will choose some sparkling elements. Their brightness and elegance will create a special atmosphere where people will admire their refinement and glamour. The Italian firm, Baxter designed the glamorous Bell Lamp that will definitely become an eye-catching item for any kind of room of the house. The sparkling lamp sh
Splashing Water Sconce I once saw a photo of a water drop splashing in a bowl that was also full of water. I could not believe my eyes, because the photo was shot with a special effect that slowed down motion and kept it in small sequences. So the tiny drop splashing looked now like a king’s crown, with droplets all around in a wonderful design. I remembered this photo when I saw this beautiful Splashing Water Sconce because it looks very much like it. This time this action of splashing water is caught and transposed into an amazing design of a sconce.   This wall lamp was actually inspired by another artist, Tony Duquette, who created beautiful chandeliers back in the 1950s. It has three cand