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Easy Ways To Organize Your Cluttered Home Office Home offices serve various purposes which ranges from being a space where you keep important files to a space where you carry out transactions and communications with your clients and maintain accurate bookkeeping. It is also a place where you file and manage your family’s financial, medical and educational documents. Shared office featuring a traditional carpet Whatever it is you use this space for, if it is not organized and always cluttered, you can hardly achieve any positive feat under such circumstance. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you utilize the following listed ideas to clear your office space, desk and floor of unnecessary items and equipments.   Create an
Eco-friendly wooden desk designs – DIY projects for creative minds It’s important to have a pleasant work environment, whether it’s at home or somewhere else. In the case of a home office, the best part is that you get to design it the way you want. You can even come up with your own designs for the furniture. We have selected five creative DIY projects that can show you how to build your own wooden desk. These are not just simple and ingenious designs but also wonderful eco-friendly alternatives. Raw and simple corner desk. If you’re the type of person that prefers simple furniture with unfinished and un-tweaked details, than this DIY project should be just the thing for you. The greatest part about such furniture pieces is the fact that they a
Decorating A Black & White Office: Ideas & Inspiration Black can be dull and white can be boring, but the classic combination is a timeless duo that is fashionable, stylish and always chic. What better way to adorn your home office than with a bout of sophistication and class? Let’s take a look at some ideas and inspiration for decorating your own black and white home office. First, decide on what color you want your walls. White is great for a crisp finish, especially if you have lots of  black furniture pieces, a combination is great if you add a pinch of grey to tone things down, but then again, using grey on the walls can balance out your black and white accents and furniture too!!   Then think about how you’d like
Facebook West, a new campus headquarters by Frank Gehry Famous architect Frank Gehry has been commissioned to design a new campus headquarters for Facebook. The project was initiated by co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and will complete the company’s current headquarters. The campus will be called Facebook West and will be located across the highway from Facebook East, their current headquarters. Facebook West will be a 420,000 square foot facility and it will be organized into a sort of neighborhoods. These areas won’t be clearly delimitated but will rather flow into each other, thus inviting to interaction and sociability. It’s an attempt to create a collaborative and community-like environment. Of course, it will also be a luxurious com
Modular sofa system by Studio Lawrence Modern interiors are more and more versatile than the traditional ones, therefore a lot more room is created to play with both decorations and furniture. The fact that usually the interior walls are painted in neutral colors, mostly white and clean floors a lot of things can fit in easily because there are no boundaries. A perfect example of what I just said can be spotted in these pictures. They feature a new type of seating that is meant to be playful but also sophisticated in a special way.  Studio Lawrence played with angles, colors and seating position and they came up with a nontraditional seating. Part sofa, part individual chairs To Gather creates new possibilities and great
Nursery turned into an art studio This is Julia’s art studio. It used to be a nursery room but, since it wasn’t needed anymore, she decided to give it a makeover. She needed a place where she could work and where she could create art along with her daughter so the nursery seemed like the perfect space for that purpose. The whole family worked on this project and it took them 6 weeks to complete it. They wanted to keep the cost to a minimum and managed to completely redesign the room for only $275. First, the walls needed to be painted. Since the studio would serve as a place to create but to also photograph art, the walls were painted white. But to break the monotony, the ceiling was painted turquoise. The curtain

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Clean White Dental Office Interior Design in Spain If there’s one thing we all hate it’s going to the dentist. As tough as you may be, there’s no way you like that. But when the dentist’s office looks so elegant and beautiful, you’re beginning to hate it less and less. This is the Dental Office designed by Estudio Arquitectura Hago. It’s located in Málaga, Spain and it was created between 2011 and 2012. The clinic or office covers an area of 350 square meters and it was built with a budget of 350,000 €. It’s situated on the second floor of an office building. The clinic features a very interesting internal structure. It’s not the typical dental office with clear delimitations between public and private areas. It’s
Modern co-working studio by Mode:lina’s This place used to be an old printing house. Thanks to Polish architecture firm Mode:lina’s it became a lovely co-working studio. The architects managed to come up with a creative plan and a modern design for this space. The studio is very comfortable and inviting, almost like a home. Moreover, the interior space was further subdivided into several areas using a box inside the box model. This is how that plywood area was created. The whole space was functionally used and exploited to its full potential. The office we’re planning on analyzing is placed inside a loft-like room in the former printing house. It has high ceilings and exposed industrial piping and it’s an airy and inv
Old office turned into an apartment by João Tiago Aguiar This is the RF apartment. It didn’t always use to be an apartment or anything even close to that. This space used to be an office. It was transformed into an apartment by João Tiago Aguiar. It’s a 210 square meter area and it’s located on the top floor of a building in Avenida Rodrigo de Fonseca. Originally, this space was not suited for private living. It had very little and bad lighting and its internal structure was obviously that of an office, not of a private apartment. However, João Tiago Aguiar who worked in collaboration with Renata Vieira, Ana Caracol and Sílvia Amaral managed to turn this space into an inviting home. The old office only has small openings at the top