Neutral nursery ideas are good if you do not know the sex of your baby. For awhile, me and my husband thought about having a unisex baby’s room because we wanted the baby to be a surprise. We also had two names picked out, Jamal and Mercedes. Jamal was going to he his name if he was a boy. Mercedes was going to be her name if she was a girl. Neutral nursery ideas are also great for any baby room decor.

Neutral Nursery Ideas that you can use Today

What are some good neutral nursery ideas? Well, I sat down with my husband and we concluded that colors like pink and purple were out of the order. Also, things like Winnie-the-Pooh were questionable as well. Ponies, Cowboys, and space themes were not good either. We realized that, for a neutral nursery idea, it had to fit both sex very well. Blue is a good color so is white, red, green, orange, yellow, and teal. Themes that would be fitting for a male or female are wishes, USA, cartoons, and Mr. Roger’s.

So, what can you do right now to get some great ideas for your baby’s room?

Great Neutral Nursery Ideas

Here was me and my husband’s step by step thinking as to how we came up with the best neutral nursery ideas:

Stop and take a deep breath. This is very important because great ideas come when you least expect it. Relax a little. It’ll make your life easier. Having a baby is a challenging time.
Sit down together with a pen and paper. Write down whatever comes to you. Do not filter anything. If you get an idea, write it down. Not writing down an idea–no matter how “dumb” it is–will do more to hold you back then anything else.
After brainstorming on the paper for about 30 minutes, sit down and talk about the big things that came up. Did you get a lot of ideas about space? How about nature? What about penguins?
If you find that a certain theme keeps on poping up, keep it! What this means is that this theme is something you and your husband like and, if you go with it, it’ll serve you two very well.
The next step would be to go back to the pen and paper and plan a budget. How much money can you afford for the room? What about the medical expenses? How about saving money for the baby? Your budget might be a lot less then you thought.
Once you plan the budget, go to Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, or ACE and get the supplies.

Ta-da, your done. Now, wasn’t that easy.

How to save Money on Neutral Nursery Ideas

The last section informed you that you might be more broke then you think. One way to stretch your dollars further is to paint the room. Having a different color wall will produce a great change in the feeling of the room. This is a quick and easy fix that won’t break your budget.

Another great way to stretch your neutral nursery ideas is to buy stuff used from This website features a lot of stuff that people don’t want or need anymore. Buy baby furniture from someone who no longer has a baby! This is great if you want to make your neutral nursery ideas happen for as cheap as possible.

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