Blissful bedrooms: Inspiration for a restful space I am tired today. Like, super uncharacteristically tired.  Maybe because wedding planning is a full time job in itself and I drove a combined 4 hours yesterday to look at two different wedding venues, or because ever since Sandy blew through the east coast hasn't been seeing much sun. Either way, I slept through my alarm, getting up an hour and a half late, and somehow slept-walked over to my dresser and hit snooze on my alarm NINE times and don't remember any of it.  Luckily I work for myself and from home, but I still feel like a bum when I don't get up at a reasonable hour. Anyway, plentiful sleep aside, all I want do to is crawl under my down comforter and dream the afternoon awa
A real home makeover by Thom Filicia! Real Simple and Chase Blueprint awarded one very lucky winner a $20,000 home makeover by the wonderful Thom Filicia!  That lucky winner of the contest, "Blueprint to a Beautiful Home" was Stephanie Gayol Phillipou of Mountainside, NJ. The Philipou's moved into their home December 2011 and had to start preparing for new baby, leaving no time to add their personal style to the home. Check out her home's amazing transformation! Before: What's amazing to me is how their home looks barely lived in, it was in major need of some character! After: The blue paint is so refreshing. Before: After: I'm really loving upholstered dining chairs these days, it makes the space ele
Giveaway: Beautiful words turned into beautiful art Lucky Tuesday Decorology readers!  I haven't held a giveaway in a while, so why not today?  This giveaway is for something I particularly like, and is near and dear to my heart.  It's for art (I have my degree in illustration),...and literature (I know how to read) ...and the beauty of typography (I'm a web designer).  I will award two posters by Affichionado to two lucky, randomly drawn winners. Check it out below: One of my favorite heroine's stories, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, is artfully composed on this poster.  The first winner drawn will win this poster.     The second winner drawn will win the adorable and pretty Alice poster.  I think this w
25 Ways of Including Indoor Plants Into Your Home’s Décor The key to a fresh and colorful interior décor is to use indoor plants. They instantly change the atmosphere and add that kick your décor needs to stand out and to feel complete. There are lots of ways in which you can include plants into your home’s décor and don’t all involve the classical vases and pots. Any room could use a lovely happy corner. To maximize your space, use corner shelves. Decorate them with fresh plants and also use them to store books and accessories. It will make the room feel more cozy and fresh.{found on walkslowlylivewildly}.   A very interesting way of turning a simple table into a beautiful decoration is to add a little green to it. Thi
Decorate your home with a rainbow of colors Colorful interior decors are not only fun to design but also a great source of energy and inspiration. A colorful room is also a dynamic room. Of course, not all the rooms of the house can support such colorful decors. The bedroom, for example, is the area of the house that usually remains simple and neutral. But all the other rooms could definitely use a more cheerful look. A children’s playroom featuring rainbow shelving and bold decorations The possibilities for introducing color into a room are diverse. You could paint the walls in a bright color or even in multiple colors. A striped accent wall would be a very interesting focal point for the décor. You can also use colorful
Decorate with small turquoise accessories for a big kick in your decor Turquoise is such a beautiful and powerful color. It’s a very interesting shade, the result of combining green and blue but it doesn’t really share much with those colors. It has a strong character and, if used properly, it can completely change the way your home looks like. You don’t have to redecorate your home and turn it all turquoise. A small accessory placed in a strategic space can have a great impact. For example, this lovely dining area is part of a spacious open floor plan. The whole room is defined by simplicity and neutral colors. The décor is very light and serene. The small decorative planter placed on the dining table features a b old and vibrant shade of turquoi
Small bathrooms with clever storage spaces In a small bathroom there’s not a lot of room for storage. It’s why you need to get creative and to come up with ingenious ideas. Whether it’s a strategically placed shelf, a small storage cabinet squeezed in a corner or a wall-mounted unit, the important thing is to make sure the room doesn’t become cluttered. The five bathrooms we have selected as examples might be small but they surely don’t lack storage space. In this bathroom, the solution for saving space was to have a narrow shower with a transparent glass wall, a sink cabinet with integrated storage compartments and a matching wall-mounted cabinet above the toilet. To maintain a simple, airy look, the bathroom has a
7 Ways To Utilize Chalkboard Labels Chalkboard labels and paint are the new it item. Great for organization and for some funky pizazz, these little bits of simplicity can really make a difference around the house! Whether you make them yourself or buy a ton to cover every jar in the house, chalkboard labels are really a great way to refine and tidy up the most chaotic spaces. Scroll through all these ideas and see if you can utilize these little bits on something around your own home. 1. Organize the tools in the garage. Whether it’s on pails, cans or boxes, using these labels in the garage is a must for organization. If you need to move the screwdrivers to a bigger box, just wipe off and rewrite whatever you replace t
Add some travel flair to your home’s interior décor If you’re a passionate traveler then you must also have all sorts of souvenirs that you brought with you over the years. Those are unique items with great sentimental value and they deserve to be displayed for everyone to see. So don’t just throw them in a box under the bed. Include them into your home’s interior décor. It’s amazing how even the smallest of details can change the atmosphere. Wall art. Nursery featuring different sized artwork and matching frames for symmetry Kids’ bedroom featuring significant symbols from foreign countries If you enjoy decorating your home, you should set a goal to bring a piece of artwork every time you travel somewhere. You’ll be
Interior designer Mark Sikes’ Southern California Home: Open, glamorous, and elegant Interior designer Mark Sikes' and partner Michael Griffin's home is full of unexpected and wonderful moments of old world Hollywood glam, while still maintaining an open and organic feel.  Check it out below:   Couch in the kitchen?  How genius is that for entertainers.  Just make sure it's a stain proof, easily washed material.  Not as crazy about the pendant lights though...     Super comfy looking daybed in a super serene home library. All the below pictures are of their devine guest bedroom and bathroom. I would love for a bed half as dreamy as this to be in my master!   The black and white striped awning outside, as well as th