3d kitchen design plans

3d kitchen design plans In modern homes, the cooking area is often the key  its best, while it also helps its effective purpose. Another important issue that many people keep in thoughts is the sell value of their home. A modern and eye-catching cooking area will go a long way in effective potential buyers to pay more. However, a complete cooking area renovation can be very expensive and often needs a few several weeks to complete. 3d kitchen design plans the reason that many homeowners are looking for cooking area clothing collection refacing, not only to give their the cooking area a new, fresh encounter, but also to increase the sell value of their house. When in evaluation to renovation the whole cook
Contemporary house designed around two 50 year old mango trees The main objective of the architects from Twenty-Nine Design, the persons who designed this house located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was to create a unique project on a piece of land without cutting a single tree from the plot. So, the property lies on an area delimited by a lot of vegetation especially two majestic 50 years old mango trees which are the point of attraction from the entire yard. Here, the owners can spend time near the swimming pool or enjoy the views of the beautiful landscaped garden in privacy. A dark wooden terrace makes the connection between that elegant pool that reflects the tree’s thick branches, and the house’s interior. Because it is surrounded by large
’50 Style-Wegner Chair It is very hard for me to talk about a chair in general. Chairs were designed to be simple, functional and some of them to look good. That is why each chair has to be treated individually and this case makes no exception. It is indeed a more particular chair, quite different from the ones you are probably used to, but only because this is a reproduction of a ‘50s chair. It was originally designed by Hans Wegner for a man. You know when a chair is especially designed for a man’s special place because there are certain features that stand out.Like in this one there are short wooden legs, the backrest is a little wider that the seat and there are armrest; a man’s chair has to have
Breath-taking landscape residence in Mexico It’s amazing how some people integrate the landscape into their homes, and the result is so unique and innovative. On a coast in Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico, Steven Harris Architects designed a beautiful house named Casa Finisterra, a place which enjoys all the privileges offered by such an interesting and diverse landscape. I would have liked to see more pictures with the house’s interior, to make a more detailed opinion about materials and layouts, but I think the architects focused more on the location and the views than the construction itself.Outside, the property is surrounded by big pieces of rock integrated into the project as independent elements, each of them being used differently
A Special Hanger “Half=One” by Tess Hill From ancient times man has always been an inventive human being. He managed to create his own tools, weapons, and means of transport or build various types of shelters where he could live and protect himself. In the museums of the world you can notice different proves of his progress and the way he managed to become the present human being with all kinds of gadgets, modern technology and other high-tech items due to its creativity and imagination. Perhaps the fight for surviving is the main factor that pushed the man forward or forced him to adapt the new levels of life and make him show his inventive power. The Spanish artist and designer, Tess Hill is an inventive person and tried t
Holiday Girona house with an unsual roof The Periscope House is a holiday residence located in La Selva de Mar, Girona, Spain. It used to be just a ruin until it was rehabilitated and turned into this lovely retreat. The restoration and transformation of the building was a project by Nerea Calvillo with Daniel García, Marina Fernández and Aitor Casero from C+arquitectos. They designed this house for a private client and completed it in 2011. The house covers a total area of 209 square meters. It has a very interesting design. Some of its most interesting features include an inhabitable roof sitting on top of a series of recovered stone walls. The architects managed to preserve some of the building’s original elements. Th
Incredible Views from an 860 United Nations Plaza Apartment I guess each of us loves the home where he or she lives due to all kinds of advantages that it can offer. A warm home, with all sorts of modern items, with comfortable furniture and very spacious seems the perfect place for anybody. Still there are persons who love to admire beautiful views from their windows, to have the opportunity to have dinner watching a spectacular sun set or wake up early in the morning and see a wonderful sunrise.I may confess that I am part of this category of people and I love the fact that the apartment where I live is situated at the eighth floor. This height offers me some incredible views which most of the times take my breath away. If you love all these
Modernity and comfort by Doshi Levien What London designers Doshi Levien created is an armchair and sofa, for the Italian brand Moroso. Why is this sofa so interesting? Because it consists of large upholstery pieces, being covered in either leather or fabric, sitting within its delicate frame. The starting point was Modernist architecture and the name that reveals the inspiration source is unique, Corbusier’s architecture. If Doshi Levien means originally and beautifully Indo-Western aesthetic, inspiring not only the pattern for the sofa in the picture, but also a series of coffee tables that complete the collection. Both the Chandigarh sofas and the tables for Moroso were designed under the same concept of modernism,
Prototype Wood Mixtape Coffee Table You probably remember those old-fashion cassette tapes that you used to put your music on a while ago. They are no longer used and they have become a part of history. However, for most of us, they are also a part of our history and a lot of memories are linked to this particular item. If you enjoyed making mixtapes for your friends, then you’ll probably find this table a real treasure. This unique coffee table designed by Jeff Skierka is a replica of a cassette tape. It’s made of reclaimed maple, walnut and Lucite with a plexiglass top. It’s the first prototype for this design. The table is a 12:1 scaled replica of the tape we used to carry around in our pockets. It’s indeed a
Spherical Kitchen Furniture And Kitchen Interiors Space is usually at a premium in cities and consequently those who reside in apartments or high rises have to utilise every bit of space in an innovative manner. This is more so with urban kitchens which need to be as compact and utilitarian as possible and clever solutions are required to make cooking a pleasurable experience. Cooking in cramped and poorly designed kitchens can be an unpleasant task. Designing a kitchen in a limited space is a challenge and a creative interior designer and innovative appliances can transform your kitchen into a beautiful and functional space with a contemporary twist. If you live in a small apartment, you will love the Sheer Spherical Kitchen from Design