5 traditional cottage bedroom design ideas
Cottages are usually very cozy and inviting and they have a certain charm that makes them very pleasant. It’s why they have the perfect style for a bedroom. This is a room that needs to be relaxing, calm, serene and, most of all, cozy and these are all characteristics of cottage interiors. We have selected five bedrooms that feature inspiring interior designs based on this concept. 1. Cozy bedroom with turquoise details. This bedroom is very beautiful mostly because of the choice of colors. They are exactly the colors you would expect to see in a charming cottage. Notice that the bed has a very simple and casual design and that all the furniture has a vintage look. The turquoise
Tiny studio apartment with ingenious interior design solutions
It seems logical that a small apartment can’t become larger unless it is actually redesigned and extended. However, interior designers like to fool the eye by finding all sorts of ingenious solutions. A nice example is this small apartment from Chelsea, New York. It measures only 650 square feet but it actually seems larger because of the interior design. The apartment was designed by Robert Garneau of Studio Garneau. He turned into place into an airy and spacious area for its owners. The clients are a couple who run their office from home so besides needing a nice and cozy place to live they also needed an office space for work. The designer used many built-in features to open up t
Decorative vintage inspired wall plates
People discovered ceramic a long time ago and they first realized they can mold any kind of tableware from it: plates, cups, mugs and other larger barrels where to store oil, grain and so on. But in time their skills became so refined that they turned their products into real works of art, covering them with different patterns and drawing in different colours, then having a layer of lacquer applied for being shiny and a lot more resistant in time. But this is when they decided to use them as decorations and display them on the walls of their houses. Now, a lot of years later, ceramic plates are still used as home accessories in order to bring a special vintage look to a home or room. These D
How to deal with a small bedroom
A small bedroom has its ups and downs. On one hand it’s difficult to fit everything you need inside it and it’s also challenging to find multifunctional or flexible pieces of furniture. On the other hand, a small bedroom is often cozy and inviting. There are ways to deal with the inconveniences and to make the room even seem larger. A small bedrooms needs to be as airy as possible. Try not to have too many items in there because it will only feel cramped. Avoid having too much furniture and any kind of unnecessary elements. Also, opt for minimalist furniture and built-in pieces. Curved furniture is a particularly bad idea because it tends to take up more space and every inch count
A cloud tree house in Japan
A magnificent tree like this one was just asking for a tree house to be built around it. Sabaoarch was the studio that did it. They designed the Cloud, a structure that was attached to the tree and actually built around it. It’s shaped like a cloud and it gives users the feeling of actually floating in the sky. These were the two elements that gave the name of the project. Three solid tree trunks hold up the structure. The tree was indeed perfect for this project. It’s located on a hill in Kanagawa, Japan and it’s surrounded by forests and amazing views. The architects managed to preserve and maintain the tree’s stance and to damage it as little as possible. They built the Clo
The innovative FAB28 fridge by Smeg
Regardless of the field or domain, the element of surprise is what impresses the public and brings new admirers. That’s because people love new things, things that have never been done before and that impress with their simplicity and strangeness. To support this affirmation, we have found this innovative model of refrigerator.The FAB28 fridge is offered by Smeg. As expected, they managed to impress us with their creative thinking and their way of creating something extraordinary out of ordinary elements. This model has a design that brings together two iconic elements, the fridge and the denim. Independently they are each iconic figures and elements that everyone uses on a daily ba
10 Traditional living room décor ideas
Traditional interiors are easy to spot as they have a very specific look. They tend to focus on elegancy and on an overall continuous décor where everything matches everything else. The most commonly used colors are beige and brown with slight variations. An element that is specific to traditional décor, more exactly to living rooms, is the rug. Traditional rugs have an easily distinguishable pattern and they feature a mix of warm colors and intricate patterns. Rugs, regardless of their style, are a detail that has become unnecessary in most modern decors. However, they have a softness to them that allows them to bring warmth to a room and to create a cozy and more intimate atmosphe
Jade, another dream destination of Greece
Greece has always been considered a dream destination for any kind of vacation. Here the white constructions that appear near the blue waters of the sea make an astonishing view which takes your breath away. The decors are peaceful and the locations look like some pieces of a real paradise.On the southern coast of Paros, Greece, on Farangas Beach there is Jade, a luxury property with five bedrooms, five baths and a pool. Actually the property is divided into three different units with bedrooms on opposing ends of the living room and kitchen. A covered pergola with marble floors appears at the entrance halls and then you reach a small office and the two en-suite master bedrooms that ha

Gus Modern Truss Chair

Gus Modern Truss Chair
A chair is just a chair. This is what most people think and they do not pay too much attention to details. The only thing they care about is the price and the design of the chair, as they want the piece of furniture to match the other things in the house. Well, every once in a while you see a beautiful chair and you can’t stop admiring it and then you notice all the details and they make you love it even more. This Gus Modern Truss Chair is not a simple chair but a work of art if you ask me. It is designed in a mid-century style and looks great, but there’s more to it than these features.   The most striking detail is the wonderful wooden frame of the chair. It is
Elegantly restored residence in Sicily by David Perri
This is a residence located in Messina, Sicily, Italy that features an abundance of historic details. Even though it was affected by the 1908 earthquake, the building managed to maintain intact many of its unique features. Architect David Perri has recently restored the residence and used these elements in his advantage. The architect preserved all the historic elements that he could find. For example, he preserved the handmade concrete floor tiles that gave this place a unique allure, the wooden truss roof that was in surprising good shape as we as the marble stairs. The residence has two levels connected by a long and beautiful staircase that represents a unique architectural detail