Shelves in Unusual Places: 3 Inspiring Examples When you have limited space or a lot of items to store it can be difficult to find places to put all of your things. Luckily, there are many places you can put shelving that you’ve probably never thought about. Below you will find the top 3 most unusual places to put shelves. Stair Shelves. Stairs can serve more of a purpose than just going from one floor to another. Stair shelves can be easily added to the side of the staircase that is flush against the wall. You won’t miss the few inches of space that they take up and you will give yourself much needed storage instead of having wasted space. You can easily make these shelves yourself by taking one shelf and bracket, found at Home
The Art of Framing: Five Ideas to Keep in Mind Art is one of those things in life that does us little good if we can’t see it…and that does us huge amounts of good when we can. The way that art is framed and displayed, however, can be almost as important as the artwork itself. And, bonus, even common objects can become art-like when framed appropriately as well. Certainly, framing decisions will vary based upon one’s taste, space, and the pieces themselves. Here are five ideas in using frames for beautiful and meaningful wall hangings: 1. Simple, identical frames with matching white mattes add sophistication to artwork of almost any kind. The art pieces themselves can be quite similar or they can be only loosely connected, b
Give your staircase a festive makeover just in time for New Year’s Eve Winter comes with lots of snow and cold weather but it also brings joy along with Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s a fun period of the year when we get to decorate our homes and give them a festive makeover. As part of the preparations for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you must pay attention to all the little details. The staircase is an important part of any home so make it look special. In order to preserve the holiday spirit that came with Christmas, you can hang stockings on the stair railing. It’s a very idea for families with children but not only. You can also add pine branches for some color contrast. Another idea would be to use Christmas ornaments or ribbons.
Beds You Climb In, Both Interesting And Space-Efficient I’ve always found climbing in bed an activity that’s somewhat fun and unusual. I’m not talking only about bunk beds, although these are the most popular beds you climb in. But there are also other alternatives and they are quite similar, although very unique in their design. Here are a few examples. We’re going to start with the popular bunk beds. Usually, there are only two beds that are placed one above the other. But sometimes you need more than two beds. For those cases, there are versions with four beds. The design is simple. The climbing ladder is placed in the middle and each bed has its own little incorporated nightstand.   Some versions have a small bui
Tastefully Decorated Penthouse With Terrace There’s always something special, something unique about a penthouse apartment. It’s not just the fact that its denomination is often synonym with luxury and exclusivity. Penthouse apartments are often defined by their inner beauty and their coziness.This apartment, for example, is a perfect example that shows us why this type of home is so great. There are lots of things to be admired here. Architecturally speaking, the design is simple and yet it has a few very nice elements.For example, the sloping ceiling is one of the details that often make people feel attracted to this type of apartment. It makes you feel like in a attic, with all the coziness and intimacy that comes with i
Beautiful interior eye-candy from across the pond I need a little Christmas decor detox today, so I though I'd share some lovely spaces from British e-glossy, Heart Home Mag. Enjoy!   I really like this - but I'm confused by the TV placement...   Love Gorgeous dining room - the block printed table cloth adds warmth. What do you guys think?
Simple and functional storage ideas for all your shoes You don’t have to be a shoe lover to want your footwear to sit nice and organized. In fact, well-organized shoes occupy less space and this way you can have a clean and uncluttered home. Depending on your style preferences, on the space you have available and also on the pairs of shoes you have, there are plenty of ideas and solutions to adopt. For example, these storage shelves are a very simple and very easy way of keeping your shoes organized. The compartments have different sizes for different sizes and types of shoes and you can have everything organized and close at hand whenever you need it. Your shoes will be out of the way and you can also use some of the compartment for ot
30 Successful Examples Of How To Add Subway Tiles In Your Kitchen Using subway tiles in your kitchen may add a traditional feel to a place, but their look certainly never gets old. First off, let's start with some quality kitchen design inspiration that you might want to read before starting a decorating project.
How to Make A Natural Pumpkin To make this fall porch decoration, we stacked three pumpkins in a planter then adorned the pumpkins in vines, greenery, baby's breath and a few feathers. Source
Divine Dining Rooms|| Always Summer I got the great honor of guest posting over at Always Summer, SummerHouse's blog.  You can see it some of it below, but go to Always Summer to see the whole post. I'd say that the dining room is probably the room I talk about the least. I major part of that is probably because I've never had a proper dining room, and because even after spending hours in the kitchen preparing a beautiful meal, you're likely to find me enjoying it curled up on the couch. However, I'm coming to realize that now that we are looking for a home, I might actually have a real grown up dining room, and once I have kids we will not be dining on the sofa. Also, the up coming holidays are probably when dining r