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Three Elegant Dinnerware We Love Whether you’re having dinner alone or with guests, you need some elegant dinnerware. We have three beautiful sets that might inspire you. They have different designs but they are all equally elegant and colorful. The first one is the Victorian Melamine dinnerware set. It features lacy designs in combinations of white, black and green. It’s elegant but it’s as casual and it’s perfect for informal gatherings. The pieces are made of melamine and they are dishwasher safe. The serving platter measures 16.5’’ in diameter.Available from 25$.   The second set we’ve selected today is the 12-piece Gaia dinnerware. It features a beautiful combination of old craftsman
Two story montain contemporary home by Denieuwegeneratie It’s very important to protect our environment. So did the owners of this special house designed by Amsterdam-based young studio Denieuwegeneratie. Completed in November 2011, this two story contemporary home is located on a historical agricultural plot amidst hayfields and woods in a nature reserve. The spatial structure of the house is a rectangular 12 x 19 meter open space. The client’s demand for keeping his ecological footprint with the house to a minimum and to minimize disturbance of the landscape, the house was embedded in an artificial hill, which simultaneously functions like a camouflage and as a blanket, hiding the house from view from the north side and using the ear