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Dream Residential House in Perth The next building is a two stored single family residence, gathering 400 m2. The home was built in 2009 on Rosser Street, Perth, 6159, Australia by Paul Burnham who used a suburban style. This building can be a dream house for anyone, its astonishing modern design making anyone fall in love with it, ever those hard to impress. The thing that you notice is that this architectural jewel is surrounded by a gorgeous yard, displaced in an amphitheatre shape. Having the shape of a half pyramid, the entry in the house is made by some elegant stairs which take you directly to the living room.  The upper store is an almost identic replica of the inferior one, but has also a balcony. The livin
Two story montain contemporary home by Denieuwegeneratie It’s very important to protect our environment. So did the owners of this special house designed by Amsterdam-based young studio Denieuwegeneratie. Completed in November 2011, this two story contemporary home is located on a historical agricultural plot amidst hayfields and woods in a nature reserve. The spatial structure of the house is a rectangular 12 x 19 meter open space. The client’s demand for keeping his ecological footprint with the house to a minimum and to minimize disturbance of the landscape, the house was embedded in an artificial hill, which simultaneously functions like a camouflage and as a blanket, hiding the house from view from the north side and using the ear
Colorful and inviting mountain house in Georgia for sale This beautiful and very attractive residence is a Colorado-style mountain house. It’s located on 1103 Apple Pie Ridge Road, Alto, Georgia, United States, 30510. It sits in a very beautiful area, nestled in the North Georgia mountains. It offers privacy while also allowing the inhabitants to admire the beautiful landscape. It seems like the perfect retreat. The house is currently on the market for $6,900,000. It’s an exquisite home and it was custom built with black walnut floors and doors. These elements, combined with the bright and soothing wood walls and overall structure contribute to the cozy atmosphere present both inside and out. The house also has douglas fir beams and lot