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Fireplace Decorating Design Ideas 2011 From Candice Olson Natural Beauty A soaring stone fireplace is an impressive and rustic focal point in this living room. To reduce the scale of the stone and add interest, a long mirror is placed above the mantel. Candice also uses the fireplace as a jumping off point for the room's palette, by selecting the hues of sage, stone, taupe and caramel from the fireplace stones. Raise It Up A sleek stainless steel gas fireplace is installed at the perfect height to enjoy from anywhere in the space. Surrounded by a beautiful stone facade, the fireplace is the perfect combination of contemporary and natural. Illusion of Grandeur Paint the wall over the mantel the same color as the surround to give a fir
2012 Candice Olson Living Room Design Ideas Check out these designer living rooms with simple tips from Candice Olson on how to transform your ordinary living room into an extraordinary space the whole family can enjoy. Add Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles Glass mosaic fireplace tiles are an easy way to spice up a living room design. To create a vibrant and contemporary focal point, designer Candice Olson suggests adding an elevated fireplace covered in floor-to-ceiling glass tiles in hues that coordinate with your palette. This will add both visual and physical warmth within a room, she says. Design by Christopher J. Grubb Splash Color on the Walls Add some zest to your living room design with a fresh coat of paint. Use the mosaic fire