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House into the forest near Moscow Until now, when somebody would have told me that he has a house built in the forest, I was picturing some kind of wooden cottage with small windows and crowded rooms. Now, if someone tells me he has a house in the forest, I’m not allowed to picture anything, because I can be surprised what elegant and sophisticate houses can be in these places. Near Moscow, Russia, a team from Atrium Architects have designed and built a house for a young couple with a child, located on the top of a hill surrounded by tall pine trees. The site has three directions with beautiful views, so the architects had the idea of a folded plane which is lifted a little above the ground, creating the space of th
Very modern and also luxurious apartment in New York This stylish, very modern and also luxurious apartment is located in New York. It’s actually a rooftop apartment and this means that the views are a very important element in this case. In fact, as you can see, a floor-to-ceiling glass wall has been incorporated into the design specifically for this reason. The apartment’s interior design was a project by Innocad Architecture. Since the apartment is defined, first of all, by its views, the designers had to find a way of incorporating that element into their project and using it in their favor. Situated between the Meatpacking Districts, at the borders of Highline Park, the apartment offers panoramic views over these areas that are
Modular Kitchen Online Solutions Modular Kitchen Online Solutions the Due to the numerous quantity and quality of kitchen accessories available in market you should completely understand the more you will feel like adding different items to lines bold and contrast colors some modern art the usages and kitchen the modern kitchen is based on few design principles function of accessories you are going to have in your kitchen  us look at each of the kitchen design elements in detail. Designer Modular Kitchen Online Solutions have a lot of style There are pictures you can see online choices available now a day; there is no end point for a kitchen design Modular Kitchen design and style suggestions consist of various modu