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Contemporary duplex in Sydney by MPR Design Group This imposing duplex is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It was a project developed by MPR Design Group  nd it was completed in 2011. The building covers a total area of 750 square meters. It incorporated two attached buildings, each with their own internal structure. In order to create a cohesive appearance between the two structures, a street elevation was designed. It features a white concrete frame elevated above street level with horizontal and vertical western red cedar infill timber privacy screens. On the other side of the building, a large cantilever roof has the same function. The duplex has large windows and a series of glass walls that separate the public a

Another office chair makeover

Another office chair makeover It’s time to take a look at another wonderful furniture makeover. In this case, it’s a chair, more exactly an office chair. Initially it looked old, damaged and it didn’t even have any upholstery. It was a disaster and not a lot of people would have chosen to bring it back to life. The project was quite complicated but we’re only going to focus on the easy and important parts. In order to be able to save and transform the chair, it first had to be disassembled. The frame was fixed and each element was cleaned and repainted. The frame of the chair was painted black in order to match the décor and the other elements from the room. Also, black is a neutral color that basically m
Rustic water-front property in Connecticut This impressive property is located in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. It was a project by A.P. Savino LLC. It’s a lovely water-front property with beautiful landscape and great views. It’s the type of property that anyone would perceive as a great family home. Indeed, it has a design that makes it perfect for that purpose. The house is impressive both in size and interior décor. The clients requested a casual and comfortable home with room for both relaxation and entertainment. The interior is very beautiful. It has a rustic feel throughout but it’s also quite modern. The furniture is especially beautiful. It’s very comfortable and cozy and it invites to just lay back and relax.
Play wood chairs for your child’s room These great seats are perfect for your child’s room. If you will have all four, your child could play with his friends interactive fun games. The seats are very colored. It brings a rainbow drop to the interior space. The design is very joyful it will bring some smile on your face. When you are bored you can use the seat for your own pleasure. The creative design is very clever because you can transform one seat into a table. You’ll have a multifunctional furniture for your children. The seats are great for your house but in I think they are great for a kindergarten where children will have they minds helped by the playful colors.   The seats come in many co
3-bedroom house on Parkington street Sitting quietly near the neighboring park, this house is modern, simple and beautiful at the same time. It’s a lovely property located on 39 Pakington Street, St Kilda, Vic 3182. The house was sold in February 2011. It’s a very beautiful property, with a wonderful location, beautiful surrounding landscape and a modern and functionally structured interior. The house is hidden behind beautiful trees and vegetation. It’s a three-level residence with an elegant interior design. The house includes three beautiful bedrooms, three bathrooms, an office, two indoor living areas and two outdoor living areas. The office can also become a fourth bedroom if needed as such. The house also has
Spanish minimalism interior design with a beautiful fireplace This is the perfect luxury apartment, absolutely adorable. It combines white and dark themes that give a great contrast to the place.It’s adorable how the black anchors all the white. The built in furniture is a stroke of genius as far as space planning in a narrow apartment goes. You have to love the way the extra space is being used. The fireplace gives a cosy feeling due to the terracotta and wood. This is a home you can easily live in! The play of light and shadow in the hallway gives a warm feeling. The apartment is designed in a modern with rustic combination themes that gives a great feeling. The big windows, of the fireplace room, give strength to the sun to enter in every c

The Rock Chair rocks!

The Rock Chair rocks! Something I’ve always wanted, but never had, is a rocking chair. Probably the most frequent image of a rocking chair is followed by the one of a nice granny knitting. Well I’m no granny, but I sure love to knit and read, so my old obsession for the rocking chair it’s quite understandable. I just can’t stop dreaming of reading a good book while balancing in a cosy chair! Fredrik Färg’s rocking chair made my wish even harder to resist. The designer created in 2011 for Design House Stockholm a new face for the rocking chair, but it seems the beginning of the story is a little older than that. Back in Gothenburg HDK School of Design and Crafts, Fredrik Färg was given the tas
Two story montain contemporary home by Denieuwegeneratie It’s very important to protect our environment. So did the owners of this special house designed by Amsterdam-based young studio Denieuwegeneratie. Completed in November 2011, this two story contemporary home is located on a historical agricultural plot amidst hayfields and woods in a nature reserve. The spatial structure of the house is a rectangular 12 x 19 meter open space. The client’s demand for keeping his ecological footprint with the house to a minimum and to minimize disturbance of the landscape, the house was embedded in an artificial hill, which simultaneously functions like a camouflage and as a blanket, hiding the house from view from the north side and using the ear