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Jasper and Mona’s inviting Scandinavian house Jasper and Mona are the creators of famous Danish brand Green Gate. They chose to live in a quiet home, close to nature. A while ago they took a trip in a beautiful fishing village where Jasper’s grandparents also lived. At that time the couple was searching for a home where they would raise their future children. They immediately fell in love with that village and they decided that was going to be their home. They also found the perfect home. It was a small house with a beautiful garden. It also had the beach in the background and it provided beautiful views. It was close to nature and it seemed like the perfect place to raise children. It’s a very tranquil place and it’s only

Beautiful Sofa Sets

Beautiful Sofa Sets White sofa set with grey walls   White and red sofa set   Purple and yellow sofa set   Navy blue and grey sofa set   Red sofa set with wooden flooring   Orange sofa set with white room   Of-white sofa set   Maroon sofa set   Beautiful red sofa set   Light inside sofa set   Black leather sofa set   Grey wooden sofa set   Red leather sofa set   Yellow and of-wh
Traditional Living Room Decorating Ideas 2012 Traditional Living Room Traditional design is comfortable and classic, featuring furnishings that are consistent in style. It may not be an unexpected look, but it's timeless and can still look fresh. Traditional living room interior is a model room that has a natural concept of the room and have a fresh atmosphere of the room that makes you more relaxed. Traditional living room interior gives you an innovative design work in producing a room that has the best concept. Floors made ??of wood adds to the impression that is so typical in a traditional living room interior. The room will be warm by making a fireplace in traditional living room interior that makes you more relaxed and more rela