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The Patmos leather bench by Terry Dwan The Patmos bench is a very versatile and very elegant piece of furniture at the same time. It was designed by Terry Dwan for Riva 1920. It’s composed of two comfortable seats separated by a wooden element. The seats and the back of the bench are upholstered in sponge rubber and they are covered in “pieno fiore” leather. The bench sits on an iron frame. It has a natural unpainted finish and It provides the durable and stable base that the structure needs. Moreover, it created a strong but beautiful contrast with the fine leather seats. The bench is available in a wide range of colors, all from the Nuvola leather sample chart. This allows the user to freely choose from a multitude
Another Pull-Down Wall Bed from Clei Transformable and adaptable pieces of furniture are useful and practical not only in small homes but in any type of situation. They are particularly useful in guest rooms and bedrooms. The Circe Sofa is one such piece of furniture. The sofa was designed by Giulio Manzoni for Clei. The Circe sofa is more than just a comfortable seating unit. It also offers you the possibility of transforming it into a bed and it includes practical storage space. The sofa features a storage wall with a pull-down double bed. You can simply pull down the bed and turn the sofa into a cozy place for the night without needing extra furniture or space. This is a transformable system and a very practical solut
Practical Sequel Multifunction Storage Cabinet from BDI At home my office desk is always busy with all sorts of things even if they are not related with my work. It is also used as a side table where I put my coffee cup, the bottles with different solutions for my baby, pills or cosmetics. Everyday I try to organize all these things and clean up my desk but unfortunately the situation does not get better. The following day looks almost the same.Perhaps I need a larger desk or maybe another piece of furniture like this practical Sequel Multifunction Storage Cabinet. It is a piece of furniture designed by Matthew Weatherly and produced by BDI .It is available for $ 1,099.00 in different nuances and materials. As the designer intends to combi
Two story montain contemporary home by Denieuwegeneratie It’s very important to protect our environment. So did the owners of this special house designed by Amsterdam-based young studio Denieuwegeneratie. Completed in November 2011, this two story contemporary home is located on a historical agricultural plot amidst hayfields and woods in a nature reserve. The spatial structure of the house is a rectangular 12 x 19 meter open space. The client’s demand for keeping his ecological footprint with the house to a minimum and to minimize disturbance of the landscape, the house was embedded in an artificial hill, which simultaneously functions like a camouflage and as a blanket, hiding the house from view from the north side and using the ear
The multi-functional Omni+ Prism entertainment console This is Omni+ Prism, a very functional but also very beautiful piece of furniture. It’s an entertainment console that offers the perfect combination of functionality and style. The console is made from a combination of wood and glossy finishes. It has a retro-inspired design but it features a modern look. The Omni+ Prism entertainment console would be a great addition in the living room.It has a friendly shape with geometrical forms and clean lines. Also, it has a practical shelf. You can use the console to store electronics in the living room. Notice the two small cutout holes at the back of the console. They have been includes in the design with a clear purpose: to help you hide your cab
A modern nursery makeover like no other It is known that children love patterns, especially big and high-contrast ones. When we think of a nursery, we already picture it, full of patterns and colors. Actually, the one in the picture has proved to be a clever choice, with a limited color palette in order to keep things calm and soothing. The space is simple but so pleasant and inviting, joyous and entertaining for children, but if we add some sophisticated elements, adults will also appreciate it. The little space is great, the wallpaper is fun and the result of the transformation is an ideal nursery! A baby boy room was chosen and everything is happy, vibrant in its unique color scheme; the patterns on the walls give a spe
Oven Lounge- Interesting Transformation Some young designers with fresh ideas are constantly trying to develop new things  but with a retro look. We all are fascinated about that period of time in which stars like Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe lived.  Today , objects from that period of time are reproduced  to delight our eyes with their simple designs. We can see at any electronics shop retro looking radios but packed with modern technologies. The University of Cincinnati paid a tribute to those times by creating this interesting piece of furniture folding out from an retro oven.  At a quick look this looks like a  real functional oven, but taking a closer look and unfolding it  this kitchen appliance transforms in

The Stylish Daja Sectional

The Stylish Daja Sectional Daja is another stylish piece of furniture from the Leolux collection. It was designed by Maly Hoffmann Kahleyss in 2011. It’s a new creation but even so it doesn’t really bring anything innovative or totally new. However, this doesn’t make it less beautiful or eye-catching. In fact, it’s a design with a common structure but with a rare flair and this makes it special. The Daja sectional has a very sleek and stylish look. It’s the perfect piece for a modern living room and the fact that it comes in gray only makes it easier to mix and match with the décor and the rest of the furniture. Not only that this is a very stylish and chic piece of furniture but it’s also very com