It’s very important to protect our environment. So did the owners of this special house designed by Amsterdam-based young studio Denieuwegeneratie. Completed in November 2011, this two story contemporary home is located on a historical agricultural plot amidst hayfields and woods in a nature reserve. The spatial structure of the house is a rectangular 12 x 19 meter open space.

The client’s demand for keeping his ecological footprint with the house to a minimum and to minimize disturbance of the landscape, the house was embedded in an artificial hill, which simultaneously functions like a camouflage and as a blanket, hiding the house from view from the north side and using the earth as thermal insulation. Inside, the steel and concrete structure offers us the impression that the house is continuously redesigned.


The main area is emphasized by a big glass wall which lets the beautiful landscape in, and interesting wooden furniture in contrast with the neutral walls and floors. Seeing the kitchen with its beautiful combination between wood, concrete, steel and glass, I was impressed by the result; the owners left their mark in every piece of furniture and object, especially in that unusual kitchen car cabinet. It is really a place where you would love to cook and eat.

The master bedroom is very simple furnished, but given that lighting is so important, it has a major impact on the decorative objects which help creating an intimate space. The rest of the house waits for new decorating ideas from the young family who lives in, and I am sure that the result will be amazing.

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